Woodward BMX Season 1 – EP5 – Where’s My Bike?

by Chandler
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Woodward BMX Season 1 - EP5 - Where's My Bike?

Woodward BMX Season 1 – EP5 – Where’s My Bike?

We’re approaching the home stretch, and #TeamNyquist is trending upward and battling back for the lead; Keir & Nyquist get revenge on KRob for his actions during foot-down; Jamie Bestwick takes the kids to new heights with his vert challenge at Cloud 9; Tyler goes over and around the rainbow at B3 in search of the gold for #TeamNyquist


About Season 1:

Six up-and-coming BMX riders head to Woodward, PA, for a week unlike any other. Jamie Bestwick and Ryan Nyquist, two legends of the sport, lead teams of three through an extensive book of challenges. Riders battle to gain points for their respective teams, pushing one another above and beyond what they previously considered possible.


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