Woodward BMX Season 1 – EP1 – A Storm Is Coming

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Woodward BMX Season 1 – EP1 – A Storm is Coming

In the first episode of the series, we meet two teams of rising stars in the sport of BMX led by Program Advisors Ryan Nyquist and Jamie Bestwick as they compete in head-to-head challenges.


About Season 1:

Six up-and-coming BMX riders head to Woodward, PA, for a week unlike any other. Jamie Bestwick and Ryan Nyquist, two legends of the sport, lead teams of three through an extensive book of challenges. Riders battle to gain points for their respective teams, pushing one another above and beyond what they previously considered possible.

About The Cast:

Mia Custer

Straight out of South Jersey, Mia is one of the top-ranked BMX racers in the US in her age group. A level of bike control beyond her years shines through in every facet of her riding and has translated into shredding trails and ramps. Mia’s relentlessly upbeat attitude and perseverance are a tremendous asset to #TeamBestwick and set an incredible example for young BMX riders across the board.

Marshall Gehrke

The term ‘well-rounded’ doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of Marshall Gehrke’s athletic ability. Marshall started as a BMX racer in Antioch, IL, at four years old and rapidly rose through the ranks, winning multiple National Championships. Taking a break from the track, he’s since switched focus to destroying the ramps and trails at home and camp.

Kevin Robinson Jr.

The first-born son of one of the greatest BMX vert riders in the sport, Kevin has the spirit of BMX running deep through his veins. Back home in Barrington, RI, Kevin began riding skateparks as soon as the training wheels came off. Primarily focused on riding ramps, Kevin conquers terrifying maneuvers with ease and keeps his teammates on their toes.

Keir Sirlin

The youngest member of our cast, Keir, is a powerhouse on a BMX bike. From Salt Lake City to skateparks all over the country, Keir pushes herself each time she puts her feet on the pedals. As a result, she’s become a regular fixture on the women’s contest circuit. Keir has an undoubtedly bright future in BMX.

Tyler Lamb

A lifetime of motocross racing has shaped Tyler into a BMX rider with unmatched versatility. Hailing from Melbourne, FL, Tyler is equally at home riding a set of trails, huge ramps, or a large set of stairs. Honing his skills regularly at the famed Grapefruit Trails near his home, Tyler knows his way around a BMX bike in any situation.

Jake Rutkowitz

A love of the sport seems inevitable when your dad is a lifelong BMX rider. Jake has been riding since his earliest years in Palmerton, PA, and it’s evident in his unbelievable ability on a bike. With a style and skillset reminiscent of legends like Mike Aitken and Chase Hawk, Jake brings a lot to the table for Team Nyquist.


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