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What is Neoprene? Everything you need to know

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Like any other equipment, proper care and maintenance will tremendously extend a wetsuits life span. Here are a few things you can do to keep your wetsuit in tiptop shape for as long as possible:

Be Careful Taking it On and Off
This sounds trivial but carelessly dressing and undressing can seriously damage the suit. And given the cost of these bad boys, you would want to avoid that scenario as much as possible. What you can do is come up with a dress-up-dress-down-routine that will help you get in and out of the suit as quickly and as carefully as possible.

Give The Wetsuit a Good Rinse After Every Use
We cannot stress this enough. Salt, dirt and grime from the parking lot are the number one enemies of neoprene and will wreak havoc if allowed to build up. After every use, even in between surfing sessions, do a quick rinse with cold fresh water making sure to cover every inch of the suit. Hit every nook and cranny as well as the zippers and seams.

Do a Thorough Wash Once in a While
Sooner or later your suit will need a good washing especially if you are planning to store it for long periods of time. Fill up a wetsuit changing bucket with water and put a few cups of wetsuit shampoo. Get the water sudsy and put the wetsuit in making sure the water reaches every nook. Gently work the wetsuit around to help remove any dirt and other particles. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.

TOP TIP! If you don’t have any wetsuit shampoo, try some mouthwash from the bathroom to give your suit an anti bacterial freshen up! If it is a bit stinky, it will for sure get rid of those bad odors.

Dry The Wetsuit Properly
After washing the suit, you can flip the suit inside out and hang it up to dry. Use a thick hanger and hang the suit by the waist⁠ and let the water drip. Try not to hang it under the sun or any source of heat as this can damage the material completely. Every now and then flip the suit again to continue drying. When both sides of the suit are dry, the suit can now be safely stored.

Avoid Peeing in Your Suit
Again, this is a no brainer but sometimes life has other plans. Always make it a point to go before you head out surfing and to always remove the suit properly when you do need to go. If you did do the deed, make sure to rinse your suit thoroughly with fresh water. You can use odour eliminators that are widely available to keep your suit smelling nice.

TOP TIP! If your wettie has any velcro around the neck or zipper, be sure to fasten the hook part of the velcro so that it doesn’t connect with the neoprene. If you allow the velcro to connect with the neoprene, it will cause the material to bobble, and eventually you will get a hole in your suit! Not ideal!

Storing Your Wetsuit
Though undoubtedly elastic, wetsuits are prone to stretching or deformation when stored incorrectly. Properly fold your wetsuits as neatly as possible. Avoid bunching it up and stuffing it carelessly as it can crinkle and crease easily. Store it somewhere dark away from moisture and heat as much as possible.

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