Watch SUP Surfer and Great White Shark Share a Moment of Peace

by Chandler
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Encounters between great white sharks and humans usually go one of two ways. 

Drones usually capture encounters between sharks and humans where the human has no idea a shark’s nearby, basking in the idea that “ignorance is bliss.” 

Then there’s the other kind. Ya’ know, the kind that’s more like a reenactment of the movie Jaws which we’ve seen plenty of lately. 

But the latest glimpse into the secret life of sharks shows another kind and it comes from The Malibu Artist, Carlos Gauna, a California-based nature videographer. 

In this one, a human sees a shark, the shark stays put, and instead of speeding away in the other direction, both stop moving and enjoy a moment together.

The post above is captioned:

“That’s a pretty big shark! The board here is 10.5 feet long for reference.”

In the clip above, a paddleboarder stumbles on a pretty big great white shark. According to Guana’s board dims, this shark’s gotta be around 12 feet long. 

In most shark and human encounters captured by drones, the humans don’t see the shark. This guy does. 

But instead of letting fear set in and paddling away in a fear-induced frenzy, he does something else. 

He decides to take advantage of a great photo op. 

The paddler stops paddling, pulls out his phone, and takes photos. 

Meanwhile, the shark stays still, just hanging out parallel to the board. 

Viewers loved it. Check out a few comments below:

“Beautiful. His calmness was perfect.”

“Beautiful moment — this is how people should react in the presence of these misunderstood giants.”

“That’s definitely no baby whitey….Love your passion for allowing everyone to see that sharks and specially Whiteys are not out to just maul everything in its site”


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