Watch a Great White Shark Sneak Up on An Unsuspecting Surfer in San Diego

by Matt
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Great white sharks.

Until recently, we told ourselves they were somewhere else. Like swimming along a coastline far, far away. Or maybe just farther out to sea. Whatever story we told ourselves, the details didn’t matter. Sharks just weren’t “right here.”

But they are. Around 97% of the time, to be exact. In fact, researchers have proved great whites are often within around 10 feet of people, usually surfers, since they like to hangout in the lineup. 

The latest aerial footage to remind us of that is from San Diego-based ocean photographer and shark advocate, Scott Fairchild.

Fairchild captioned the clip above:

“Great White doing what it does: coming from behind (mostly for its own safety but also for a better stealth approach on any potential prey) to explore that weird thing just floating on the surface.”

In the clip above, a pretty beefy great white is swimming directory toward a surfer who’s sitting up on his board, peacefully waiting for a wave in San Diego waters.

We’ve seen this before, right? 

What’s different about this video is that the sounds of of the drone seems to tip off the surfer. 

As the shark get’s close, the surfer looks up. Thinks for a second, then looks up again. 

Probably thinking to himself, “Sh*t, I know what that means.”

Right as the shark is about a couple of feet from the tail of the surfboard, the surfer decides to paddle away, and the shark veers to the left. 

Unless the surfer stumbles across this clip, he’ll probably never know. 

But, he’ll never forget having that one session where he just had this feeling


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