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Wakeboard Tutorial #4 – Wake Jumps

Airtime, it’s pretty much what wakeboarding behind the boat is all about for most and with good reason – it’s a rush! So how to make use of that boat wake and get your first wake jumps happening? Well, the best plan is to take it all in small steps, starting off with making sure your approach is bang on and then using that perfect approach for small, controlled one-wake jumps to get you going.

Once your one wake jumps are big and confident on a longer than normal line, only then do you look at going for the full two wake jump. To clear the wakes more easily, you make the line shorter than normal riding length (between 45 and 55 feet depending on your boat and the size of the wake) bringing those wakes closer together and making the leap as easy and safe as can be. Once you get it at the short line length, you can just work your way back out to normal riding length bit by bit and you’ll be flying in no time!

Neilson Holidays – Wake, Ski & Surf with Matt Crowhurst

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