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North Shore Summer Time Fun | Surfing, Sliding, Skateboarding & Trail Riding

The North Shore is slowly becoming a lake with no waves in sight. This day Mason Ho finds a few ways to keep busy and enjoy the ride.

It all starts with a session at his beloved Val’s Reef where he does a couple wiggles plus rides his surfboard upside down and fins first. Then some slipping and sliding at a childhood play zone called “Slips”. Afterwards he heads to Banzai skatepark on a Sector 9 and gets booted out by the police because it’s shut down due to Covid. So he convinces Coco to come surf with him and he nearly kills her at a little wedge. It all ends with some laughter filled Sur-Ron trail riding on top of the North Shore with Mason and his father Michael Ho.

Filming: Mason Ho & Arianna Rodriguez. All shot on a GoPro HERO 8.

GoPro settings: 60fps x 2.7k x Superview

Surfing: Mason Ho & Coco Ho.

Skating: Mason Ho …On his signature Sector 9 skateboard.

Riding: Michael Ho, Mason Ho & Bret Muramoto

Jams: Jimi Hendrix. Mom Collection.

All Surfboard info in end credit roll.

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