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Hilarious Wipeouts and Epic Fails Learning How To Skimboard Waves

how to skimboard out to waves is what I am Teaching the group better known as “The Bitchasses”
Travis Thomas: Professional Jazz Guitarist https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCueW…
Blowhole: Sound Engineer
Torrin: Skateboarder, Dog Walker, Substitute Teacher
PJ: Hollywood Costume Designer
Professional Skimboarder / World Champion Skimboarder Austin Keen , Takes you along his daily adventures skimboarding , surfing , wakesurfing , skateboarding and everything else action sports, travel, and adventure. Want to know How to Skimboard ? The best most informative How To Skimboarding videos on how to skimboard with world champion skimboarder Austin Keen have been the most loved how to skimboard videos every made. Also coming soon: How to Wakesurf with the most watched in wakesurfing, Austin Keen.
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