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Top Quality Surfing Wetsuits & Accessories for 2020

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Top Quality Surfing Wetsuits & Accessories

While even the most novice of surfers and water board sports enthusiasts probably know about the importance of wetsuits, you may not yet know about other neoprene wetsuit accessories like hoods, half-suits, and more. Having the right surf gear and wetsuit apparel can really make the difference between a comfortable, enjoyable experience in the water, and one that is less than comfortable and probably quite cold.

Knowing which wetsuit and/or wetsuit accessories to buy isn’t always easy though, so we created this buyer’s guide for a handful of different wetsuit product options to help shed some light on what to get for certain conditions. If you are in a more mild climate zone, you might only need a spring wetsuit or half suit, but for people in colder water you will definitely want a full wetsuit and maybe even a hood for the extra cold days in the water.

For the benefit of surfing and marine sports enthusiasts everywhere, here is a brief compilation of different examples of wetsuit products and wetsuit accessories to help you make your decision about which surfing gear items to acquire during the 2020 surf season.

1 – 2020 O’Neill Men’s “Epic” 3/2mm Full Surfing Wetsuit

O’Neill Men’s “Epic” 3/2mm Full Surfing Wetsuit

O’Neill is a surf brand that is no joke. They are at the top of the game along with other storied surf brands like Quiksilver, Billabong, RVCA, and more. In many ways O’Neill is really the apex brand for surfing wetsuits, they are up there with only a handful of competitors that can match their quality in wetsuit design and construction. A perfect example of an industry/sport standard product is the 2020 O’Neill Men’s “Epic” 3/2mm Full Surfing Wetsuit, which seeks to combine all of the design successes O’Neill has ever had all into one amazing surf wetsuit.

This full body suit is known as the “Epic” and is sized in the 3/2mm thickness. Featuring O’Neill’s F.U.Z.E. Closure system, standing for “Front Upper Zip Entry”, this unique design allows for improved flexibility, improved entry/exit from the suit, and better water resistance at the closure point. Designed in all black and available in Small, Medium, X-Large, and even an X-Large Short Sleeve option, the 2020 O’Neill Men’s “Epic” 3/2mm Full Surfing Wetsuit is a serious wetsuit for serious surfing athletes.

Even the seam design on the “Epic” full body wetsuit from O’Neill is innovative, featuring seamless paddle zones and Triple Glued seams for perfect water tightness within the suit. You can also tell this suit is designed for aggressive performance based on the added feature of having kneepads built into the suit, in case of harder wipeouts and the need for added protection over the knees for aggressive surfers.

And also for the sake of convenience there is an added safety pocket in the suit for valuables like car keys or whatever else, and this pocket is designed to keep your items secure, preventing them from moving around and being able to hurt you on a wipeout. All in all the 2020 O’Neill Men’s “Epic” 3/2mm Full Surfing Wetsuit is one of the best options for a full body 3/2mm suit for the 2020 surf season, and the added quality brings a higher price tag of nearly $200.00 per suit.

2 – 2020 Hevto X 3mm Back Zip Surfing Wetsuit

Hevto X 3mm Back Zip Surfing Wetsuit

For an extremely affordable, and only slightly lower quality (than high end brands) surfing full wetsuit, check out the 2020 Hevto X 3mm Back Zip Surfing Wetsuit. This is another surf wetsuit product we found for this list that offers high performance and quality, at an insanely affordable price point!

Retailing at only $70.00, the 2020 Hevto X 3mm Back Zip Surfing Wetsuit boasts a two-year warranty and lifetime replacement guarantee from the manufacturer. This particular full wetsuit model also has phenomenal user reviews, most likely because this is a well-designed product that is really priced to move.

Characterized by a back-zip entry and closure design, this 3mm thick full suit surfing wetsuit is a great buy for any surfers or water sports athletes who need a full, warm suit in order to be comfortable where they usually surf. You definitely do not need this thicker full suit if you live near warmer air/water temperatures, but for any surfers who have chilly water temps, maybe east coast surfers in 50 degree water, the 2020 Hevto X 3mm Back Zip Surfing Wetsuit is an absolute undeniable bargain.

3 – 2020 O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Spring Wetsuit

O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Spring Wetsuit

O’Neill is definitely more of a high-end brand name for surfing wetsuits, and their 2020 O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Spring Wetsuit is a perfect example of a much lighter, springtime wetsuit. This is a thinner, short sleeved (half suit) wetsuit option for surfers who need a bit of protection from cooler temps, but who aren’t really surfing in water that is cold enough to demand a thicker full suit.

While full wetsuits tend to be at least 3mm thickness, the 2020 O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Spring Wetsuit is only 2mm thick so that it can retain some body heat without being completely stifling in moderate temperatures. Made of neoprene rubber, the 2020 O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Spring Wetsuit is designed to have a back zip entry, complete with water resistant closure system.

The suit composition is actually an Ultra Stretch Neoprene, which has a noticeably softer and more comfortable feel and flexibility when compared to cheaper quality wetsuit products. Another high-end design aspect of the 2020 O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Spring Wetsuit is the fact that it has Seamless Paddle Zones, which basically means this suit has minimal seam placement for the ultimate in performance and comfort.

This suit gets rid of the problem that other inferior suits tend to have, which is the problem of poor seam placement that can cause chafing and discomfort as the wearer paddles throughout their session in the water. Available in several different sizing and color accent options, the 2020 O’Neill Men’s Reactor-2 2mm Back Zip Spring Wetsuit is an absolute bargain at only $90.00-$100.00 retail price.

4 – 2020 DiNeop Neoprene 3mm Wetsuit Surf Hood

DiNeop Neoprene 3mm Wetsuit Surf Hood

This 3mm Neoprene wetsuit hood by DiNeop can be an awesome accessory for surfers to have, in case of cold weather days when you still really want to get a surf in! This 3m18m Neoprene surf wetsuit hood is not only very easy to use, it is also quite comfortable and works to retain heat in the body and prevent that heat being lost through the head. And even if you have a head sizing that is perhaps above or below the average size, don’t worry, because the 2020 DiNeop Neoprene 3mm Wetsuit Surf Hood is available in four different size options of Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

No matter your unique dimensions, there is a 3mm Neoprene surf hood product option that can work well for you. Even offering significant UV protection, this surf hood also doubles18 as a sunscreen protector in addition to body heat retention. The 2020 DiNeop Neoprene 3mm Wetsuit Surf Hood is also available in different colors ranging from Black, to Green, and even a Pink color option as well.

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