Top Five Wakeboards in 2016


When considering an upgrade in terms of a new wakeboard, or perhaps your first one ever, it is wise to do a lot of research to understand exactly what it is you want in your wakeboard. In 2016, the technology of wakeboard design and construction has come a very long way and there is more nuance to selecting and purchasing your new wakeboard.

Depending on the type of board shaping including the dimensions and design of the board’s nose and tail, the width of the board, construction process, and a host of other specifications, a rider can successfully find the optimal board for their needs. Selecting the right board for you can ensure that you will experience the best possible handling, control, pop, and maneuverability while riding with a wake boat tow or winch tow system. For the benefit of wakeboarding enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals out there, a list of the top five wakeboard models in 2016 will now be presented here.


#1 – CWB Men’s DB9 Wakeboard 2016:

Taking the number one spot on this Top 5 wakeboard countdown, the CWB DB9 wakeboard is a great example of what state of the art really looks like in 2016 wakeboarding. The aesthetic design on this board is relatively simple, classy, and understated. It has a black rim around the bottom side of the deck, which fades into a white interior and a brownish stripe running vertically through the center of the wakeboard. Written in large letters across the middle of the deck is CWB Board Co., giving this wakeboard a kind of official look to it that is both clean and polished. This is a board with almost all 5-star customer reviews, which serves as a seriously impressive testament to this wakeboard’s overall quality.

The CWB DB9 wakeboard is designed to be light and strong, with a CNC cut PVC foam core. It has extreme durability built in, via its massive center spine that runs all the way from nose to tail, instead of only running through part of the board. Also featuring a variable edge rail with bevel, helping riders to cut into the wake with incredible accuracy and complete control.

Aluminum fins allow this board to track effortlessly no matter what the speed of the rider is at any given time while traveling behind a tow boat or winch system. The top shell of this board by CWB Board Co. is actually composed of bamboo, which allows the board to keep its light weight while having remarkable strength overall. Retailing at almost $600.00, this is not a cheap board by any means, but its innovation and reliability have earned it the number one spot.

#2 – Ronix One Timebomb Wakeboard 2016:

Designed by Ronix, the Ronix One Timebomb wakeboard is a model that has done quite well with consumers and wakeboarders who have reviewed the board. Ronix has an exceptional reputation for designing wakeboards with a high degree of durability and strength, while at the same time having a nominal amount of flex and pop too.

This board by Ronix has an interesting, understated graphic design on the top side of the board, which can be characterized as almost a black and gray static design in the middle, with silver and black striping toward the nose and tail of the board. The bottom of the board is a totally different story in terms of graphics, featuring a black and yellow nose and a red-lettered Ronix logo emblazoned across the top/middle section of the deck in a horizontal fashion.

One of the most noteworthy design elements present on the Ronix One Timebomb wakeboard is that the rocker line has been significantly reduced, which in effect allows for much more contact with the water. The more water contact on the wakeboard generally equates to a faster and better gliding board, and for this reason those wakeboarders who want extra speed in their lines could definitely consider the Ronix One Timebomb wakeboard.

This wakeboard also has the perfect geometry for attacking the wake, considering that the attack angle on this deck is ideal for massive wake launches. Throw in an ATR Carbon core, and you’ve got a wakeboard that can pop as much or better than some of the other, more expensive boards on the market.  At around $350.00, this wakeboard by Ronix is quite affordable considering it rides as well as boards that can cost twice as much money.


#3 – Hyperlite Vagabond Wakeboard 2016:

Another high quality 2016 wakeboard design from Hyperlite is the Vagabond, which incorporates some pretty awesome design innovations not present in wakeboards from other companies. The Hyperlite Vagabond features a bright and vibrant aesthetic design, with a teal colored top section and a darker blue-green color on the bottom section of the deck. The nose and tail on this Hyperlite Vagabond wakeboard is designed to give optimal control in hard turns, with small notches on all four corners of the deck to give more traction across the water.

Featuring a proprietary construction detail that is exclusive to Hyperlite designs, the 2016 Vagabond wakeboard is built with a CarboNetX Inlay. This kind of inlay is constructed by diagonally weaving carbon fibers into the wakeboard, which allows the board to store and release energy effectively while riding. The crosshatched carbon fibers basically function as tension cables and springs that add elasticity and pop to the board while only making up about 1% of the board’s overall total weight. The Hyperlite Vagabond retails around $350.00, which is a very moderate price considering all of the sophistication built into this wakeboard in terms of technological innovations.

#4 – Ronix Vault Wakeboard 2016:

The Ronix Vault Wakeboard is a high quality board that has made this 2016 Wakeboard list as one of the best beginner/intermediate wakeboards of the year. Featuring a red, black, and gray deck design aesthetic, the Ronix Vault has pale gray striping running horizontally all the way up the board. There is a bright red Ronix label running vertically down the board in an eye-catching way. This is an awesome board for beginners to have for a lot of reasons, which have to do with the way the edges are designed on this board.

The Ronix Vault features edge construction that can be very helpful for beginning riders, since beginning wakeboarders can sometimes have a difficult time learning to turn and steer their board. On the design of the Vault, the there a specific edge design for toe side turns and cuts, which makes toe turning feel more natural for riders who do not have a lot of experience with wakeboarding yet. There is also an entirely different edge design on the heel side turning edge, which makes leaning backwards into a turn feel very normal for a beginning rider who might feel nervous about leaning back while moving at speed. The Ronix Vault retails at a price between $250.00 and $350.00, depending on the specific options a buyer selects.

#5 – Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard 2016:

Coming in at number five on this top 2016 wakeboards list, the Murray Wakeboard by Hyperlite has proven itself to be one of the most outstanding wakeboards of 2016 when one considers how popular it has become in terms of reviews and customer feedback. This is a wakeboard designed by Hyperlite on behalf of the professional wakeboarder known as Shaun Murray, and it has been tailored to some very specific specifications to help facilitate a particular riding style.

For example, the Murray board by Hyperlite is designed to have a minimum swing weight profile, and an extremely mellow center-landing spine. These characteristics allow for optimum control in landings of all kinds, and help to give a rider much better handling ability overall when working with big airs and off center hang time. Also featuring M6 inserts and a layered glass build, the Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard is a wakeboard with a high degree of strength and durability without being overly rigid.

Its aesthetic qualities are such that the majority of the topside of the board is designed with a black coloration, and a horizontal stripe across the middle of the board containing the colors red, white, and blue. The bottom side of the board features a similar color scheme, although the bottom of the board is dominated with red, white, and blue colored text depicting the Hyperlite brand name written vertically. This board also features a Subtle 3-Stage Rocker system that helps a rider to gather much more pop from the wake than some of the less sophisticated board designs can possibly offer. Retailing at around $300.00 overall, this is a premium wakeboard design with a relatively affordable price tag.

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