Top Five Snowboard Goggles in 2016

#1 – Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles:

Known widely in the world of snowboarding as the elite mainstay in riding optics, Oakley can be depended on to always produce top quality, world-class snowboarding goggles. Coming in at number one in the 2016 appraisal of the best snowboard goggles, the Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles offer the state of the art in what is possible for a snowboarding optics product.

Featuring an excellent bubble lens design, the field of vision on these goggles allows for a rider to have optimal visibility while riding in any conditions. In addition to being an exceptional lens design, these goggles by Oakley feature a Ridgelock lens attachment that allows for quick switching out on the mountain or in the park. Another critical design aspect of the Oakley Flight Deck goggles is the triple-layer face foam on the goggles.

With a densely constructed base foam layer, a softer middle layer, and a fleece top layer, these goggles control fog and moisture very effectively. For the best glare reduction and light balance around, the iridium lens coating on these goggles put them into the 1st place spot in this appraisal. For $200.00 retail, these Oakley snowboarding goggles are definitely not cheap, but this is a case of getting what you pay for.


#2 – Smith I/OX Turbo Fan ChromaPop Snow Goggles:

For another elite snowboarding goggles product, look no further than the Smith I/OX Turbo Fan ChromaPop Snow Goggles. With a futuristic aesthetic and sleek design, these premium snowboarding goggles from Smith are definitely a cut above the average goggle design. The level of innovation present in these goggles from Smith is simply beyond what we in the snowboarding world have ever seen before, and the best example of this is the incorporation of a two-speed micro electric turbo exhaust fan that serves to completely eliminate fog altogether.

This fan uses two AAA batteries to function, and basically ensures that a snowboarder will be able to have crystal clear visibility in any weather or humidity. Having this micro turbo fan in the goggles is a genuine game changer, and add in the Carbonic-X lenses plus 5X anti-fog inner lens and you have a world class goggle that is second to none in terms of fog control. Additionally, the wide backed silicone strap incorporates a quick-fit adjustment system that allows for a snug, secure fit at all times. Retailing for $300.00, these are highly expensive goggles, but they are worth it for riders who want an elite goggle system that can eliminate fog in all conditions.

#3 – Electric EG3.5 Snow Goggles:

While the Electric EG3.5 Snow Goggles are technically designed for riders with a smaller facial profile, they can be utilized by any rider and offer a high degree of visibility. One of the major design features of the Electric EG3.5 goggles is a Press Seal Technology that functions through the use of a lens frame and rim channel that allows for a 360-degree seal for keeping out moisture, ice, and snow. The lenses included with the Electric EG3.5 are dual spherical injected polycarbonate, which are designed for 100% UV protection, as well as anti-scratch, anti-fog, and anti-reflective properties.

Featuring a 40mm adjustable strap complete with a silicone lining helps to ensure a snug fit, and it also makes it easy to keep goggle straps firmly situated even on smooth helmet surfaces. With a deep blue lens design and a burgundy colored goggle strap, the Electric EG3.5 goggles will definitely turn heads out on the mountain. At $240.00, these are yet another premium goggle design intended for optimum performance.



#4 – Spy Doom Snow Goggles:

For a sleek, well-built snowboarding goggle with the excellent reputation that Spy possesses, the Spy Doom Snow Goggles definitely fit the bill. Available in a variety of color schemes including Aurora Green, Heritage Grey, and Nocturnal, the Spy Doom goggles are typical of what Spy goggles tend to be, which is both highly stylish, durable, and functionally brilliant. While most high-grade snowboarding goggles incorporate a quick-change system for removing lenses quickly, each system is engineered differently just like with the Spy Doom goggles.

Lock Steady technology is what is incorporated in the Spy Doom goggles, and by most accounts it is one of the fastest lens change system of any goggles on the market today. Featuring an anti-fog lens system with a 5.5 base-curve ARC spherical dual lens complete with anti-scratch protection. As any snowboarder knows quite well, the face foam setup is very important to keep out fog and moisture while also maintaining facial comfort while wearing the goggles.

The face foam on the Spy Doom goggles is composed of triple-layered Isotron face foam with moisture-wicking Dri-Force fleece and a silicone-ribbed strap. Retailing around $200.00, the Spy Doom Snowboarding Goggles are perfect for riders who are interested in the most stylish and functional goggles around.

#5 – Anon M2 Snow Goggles:

When it comes to a high quality, futuristic snowboarding goggle from a majorly reputable company, the M2 Snow Goggle by Anon serve as a perfect example of just how far snowboarding goggle technology has come over the years. Available in two general color schemes of Sheldon Dark Smoke and Tatonka Blue Cobalt, the Anon M2 goggles offer snowboarders two wildly different color types. One is a bright, vibrant blue/green/yellow blend, and the other is a deep, dark matte black styling. As with most high end goggle systems in 2016, the Anon M2 goggles have their own innovative lens interchange mechanism.

The lens interchange on the Anon M2 is designed to function via magnetism using 16 magnets within the goggle frame. This allows a snowboarder to quickly swap out lenses simply by popping the lens off of a magnetized frame mount. In terms of additional lens innovations on the Anon M2 goggles, the lens incorporates a spherical, almost bubble lens design, along with Anon’s proprietary anti-fog treatment known as Integral Clarity Technology. These goggles retail at around $240.00, and with a 5-Star rating on many retail websites, it is clear to see that the Anon M2 goggles are definitely worth the premium price.

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