Top Five Skateboarding Equipment Products in 2016

The Constantly Evolving World of Skateboard Gear

Within the world of skateboarding in 2016, this quintessential extreme sport has grown to a point where it has diverged into several different fields of study, or schools of thought. A basic breakdown of these varying types of skateboarding styles and philosophies can be categorized by street skateboarding, vert skateboarding, pool skateboarding (similar to general vert skating but with certain distinct differences), and longboard skateboarding.

Each one of these respective skateboarding disciplines has its own preferences for how a skateboard should be set up, in terms of things like deck size and shaping, wheel size and hardness, truck size and build, and other design subtleties. For the benefit of skateboarders all around the world, no matter what your preferences are in terms of riding style and gear, this article will be purposed to bring riders up to speed on some of the hottest skate gear and components in the year 2016.

#1 – Best Skateboard Complete in 2016

For the best conventional skateboard complete model in 2016, the Tershy Dreamers complete by Chocolate is one that has been a very high seller and has taken a clear place as one of the most popular conventional completes in 2016. This is a board designed by a highly reputable company, Chocolate, who has cultivated a reputation over the years for being consummate experts when it comes to designing boards that are especially effective in street skating applications.

The Tershy Dreamers complete is no exception to that excellent reputation, and in virtually all available metrics from aesthetics to performance, this complete out performs most of its competition. This complete is a Chocolate pro model, designed in the name of professional skateboarder Raven Tershy. The deck shaping on this complete is that of a popsicle style, and with a deck width of 8.50”, it is a board that both handles well and flips easily at the same time.

Construction style for the Tershy Dreamers complete is that of a traditional styling, featuring a maple 7-ply construction that provides ample durability to the rider. Outfitted with 140mm Bullet trucks, Bones 100’s wheels that are 51mm and 100a hardness, and Mini Logo bearings, this is a complete that is street ready right out of the box. At only $99.95, this is a complete that is both affordable and functional, making it easy to see how it landed such a high ranking for best skateboard completes in 2016.

#2 – Best Longboard Complete in 2016

With regard to this author’s pick for the best longboard complete in 2016, the Andy Warhol Banana complete by Alien Workshop definitely takes the cake. This is a board that is not only well designed, durable, and built with high quality materials, but one that looks absolutely stunning as well. In this way, the Warhol Banana by Alien Workshop is truly a longboard complete which offers the entire package to riders. Retailing at around $100-$130, this is a longboard complete which is affordable for entry level riders, or highly experienced ones.

The design shaping on the deck is very effective for the cruising style this board is intended for, given that it is designed to have a kick tail allowing for basic kick turning and increased control, handling, and reflexive response while riding. On other longboards that do not offer a kick tail, general street cruising can be a hazard at times since without a kick tail all that is usually possible is lean turning which is not enough when you need to course correct in an instant.

Outfitted with Reflex 8.5” trucks, this board has an ample wheelbase and large enough dimensions to make cruising comfortable for even the largest riders. Also featuring Alien Workshop custom designed 63mm Warhol 78a hardness cruising wheels, this is a board that has got some serious float to it. Add on the fact that the deck is constructed using a 7-ply method composed of high quality maple ply, and you are looking at one hell of a longboard complete.

#3 – Best Street Skateboard Deck in 2016

For the best street skateboard deck in 2016, the Walker Genuine Skateboard Deck by Real is quite possibly one of the best designed street decks this year. Featuring a very clean and understated aesthetic design, the Real Walker street deck features a real-wood design with blue and red color bands near the truck mounts. This deck is designed with a yellow printed Real logo, which is emblazoned across the deck surface.

Real has developed a reputation for high quality street decks over the years, and the Real Walker deck is no exception to this reputation. With perfect dimensions for street skating, the 8.18” width on this deck allows for optimal maneuverability, pop, and flip ability. Constructed with a traditional maple build, this pro board is representative of professional skateboarder Kyle Walker. With a retail price point of around $50.00, this is an average priced street deck with an above average quality and design level.

#4 – Best Vert/Pool Skateboard Deck in 2016

For an excellent vert and pool skate deck in 2016, look no further than the Santa Cruz Salba Pool Shark Pro Skateboard Deck. Santa Cruz has a major reputation for being the apex of pool skateboard design, and the Salba Pool Shark deck is the ideal representation of this outstanding brand.

With dimensions of 32.5 inches long, and 8.9 inches wide, this is a deck that will give a vert or pool rider exceptional control and stability while riding. This is a traditional pool skateboard construction, although this deck is slightly different in that it has a more rounded nose than many other pool decks with have a more narrowed nose design. Retailing at around $50.00, this model is highly affordable for a pool/vert skateboard deck.

#5 – Best Conventional Skate Trucks in 2016

With regard to the best conventional skateboarding trucks in 2016, the Tensor Split Racer skateboard trucks are absolutely excellent trucks that are immaculately designed. These are professional trucks, designed for Tensor pro rider Joey Brezinski. Featuring a wildly sleek aesthetic design, the Tensor Split Racer trucks are pure white with one red stripe on one side of each truck.

With a true racer appearance, these Tensor trucks have a dimension of 5.5 and can fit on a wide range of conventional skateboard decks. Built from standard aluminum components, and featuring a medium truck height, it is no surprise that these trucks are so popular in 2016 due to their high level of versatility. Retailing between $50.00 and $60.00 depending on the seller, these are affordable trucks that are extremely durable and visually attractive.


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