Top BMX Bike Completes for 2016

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Top BMX Bike Completes for 2016

1 – We the People Volta Bike 2016:

We the People Volta Bike 2016

Commencing this Top 5 list of the best BMX completes in 2016, the Volta Bike by We the People has definitely taken the top spot based on a variety of qualifiers. For one thing, this bike is simply beautiful, and its bright simplicity of aesthetic qualities makes it a major head turner in the park or out on the street. The primary design on this BMX complete frame is a teal coloration, and this is the brighter design that is perfect for riders who like to have bike that stands out from the crowd. For other riders who like their bike to blend in more, the Volta is also available in a translucent brown as well.

The dimensions of the Volta bike by We the People are such that the top tube length is 21”, and the chain stay length is 13.65”. These dimensions are important for riders to know before making a selection, because since everyone has a different riding preference it can be more advantageous to have specific bike dimensions. Additionally, the head tube angle is 75 degrees, and the seat tube angle is 71 degrees. These angles are also very important to know before making a purchase, since they help to determine the overall geometry of the bike. A BMX bike’s geometry is critical, since it determines how easy it is to bunny hop the bike, and perform other mainstay maneuvers that a rider will need to be able to perform efficiently.

In terms of componentry on the Volta bike BMX complete by We the People, the frame is made of 4130-alloy steel known as chrome moly with tapered SS & CS featuring removable guides and pivots. The fork is a SALTPLUS “Magic V2” fork, sanko tubing, cast dropouts, cnc steerer, and a 33mm offset. The bars are also full 4130-chrome moly, giving them an extreme level of durability that can handle anything a rider throws at them. Many of the other components on this bike are also SALTPLUS designed, such as the Warlock chain, the alloy brakes and levers, the headset, and the grips. This is a truly outstanding complete, and it retails for around $940.00 out the door.

2 – Sunday Gary Young Soundwave Special 2017:

Sunday Gary Young Soundwave Special 2017

Perhaps the best production BMX complete that the prestigious BMX company known has Sunday has yet built, the Gary Young Soundwave Special is truly top of the line. This bike’s aesthetic appearance seems to be all about sleek, dark, streamlined functionality. Featuring an all black theme, from the frame to the bars, this is a bike that may not immediately scream out to people of it’s quality, but a closer look will yield that this is no ordinary BMX complete.

This is a BMX complete that is not really intended for smaller riders, which is something that is important to keep in mind if considering this model. It is actually recommended by the manufacturer that riders of this bike should be 6 feet tall or more to be completely comfortable on it. The Gary Young Soundwave Special has a top tube length of 21”, a chainstay length of 13.5”-13.75”, and a tire clearance of 2.4” altogether. The head tube angle on this particular BMX complete by Sunday is 75 degrees, and the seat tube angle is 71 degrees.

The components used in building the Sunday Gary Young Soundwave Special BMX complete start with the Sunday-built frame, which is a 21” inch frame with 41-Thermal, Wave TT and DT also. The fork is a Sunday Octave 41-Thermal fork with a 32mm offset, which is another dimension that should be looked at closely when buying your own BMX complete. For the stem on this model, there is a Sunday Freeze Top-Load Stem with dimensions of 52mm in total.

Many of the finer components on the bike are fabricated by a company called Odyssey, including the brakes that are Odyssey Springfield model brakes, and the brake cables/levers are also designed by Odyssey. For the cranks on this model, 175mm Odyssey Thunderbolts are used, and the sprockets are Sunday Sabertooth V2 model. Retailing at around $1000.00, this bike is about as premium as it gets within the world of BMX completes.

3 – Subrosa Lahsaan Kobza Novus 2017:

Subrosa Lahsaan Kobza Novus 2017

For a BMX complete that successfully combines state of the art quality with aesthetic flair and panache, the Subrosa Lahsaan Kobza Novus does just that. It has a stunning gold frame that shines brightly in the light, and really helps to set this bike apart from the pack. At the same time this bike manages to be flashy and modern, it also captures a classic BMX look as well. A perfect bike for a BMX rider of any skill level, this bike manages to still be high quality while being considerably more affordable than the top two BMX completes already covered here.

With regard to the dimensions on the Subrosa Lahsaan Kobza Novus BMX complete, the chain stay is 13.5”, and the top tube is 21” in total. The standover distance is 9.0 overall, making this another great BMX complete for somewhat taller riders. The brake mounts on this bike are very easily removable, making it a fantastic example of a bike that offers convenience and dependability all in the same package.

The components used in the making of the Subrosa Lahsaan Kobza Novus model are such that the frame is a 100% chrome moly construction that can stand up under extreme pressures without giving an inch. This durable alloy material also is used in the fork, which is a one-piece steer tube with a 30mm offset overall. The bars are 100% chrome moly as well, and they are two-piece bars at 8.75 inches.

As for the brakes used in this Subrosa BMX bike, they are RANT spring brakes which offer the rider optimum responsiveness while riding. Shadow components are used widely on this BMX complete, including a Shadow stem, bar ends, grips, tires, and sprockets. At around $700.00, buyers of this BMX complete can save a bit of money compared to the more expensive models, without sacrificing too much quality.

4 – Sunday Street Sweeper 2017:

Sunday Street Sweeper 2017

The Sunday Street Sweeper is another top pick in terms of great BMX completes in 2016, and it has one of the most eye-catching appearances of any bike reviewed on this countdown. With a brilliant translucent purple paint job, the Sunday Street Sweeper also has a great looking purple and black striped seat on it too. This is a bike for a particular taste, that much is for certain considering that not everyone is going to like the wild purple coloration on the bike, but those who do will likely be finding the BMX complete of their dreams when they lay eyes on it.

The dimensions on the Sunday Street Sweeper are such that the top tube length is 20.75” in total, and the chainstay length is 12.7”-13” overall. The head tube angle is 75.25 degrees, and the seat tube angle is 71 degrees. Again, these are critical angles to consider when getting ready to purchase your newest BMX complete, since the determining the riding geometry of the bike. Some novice riders may not really understand the importance of this geometry, but those who do understand it will realize that the wrong geometry can completely ruin the ride dynamic for certain riders. The tire clearance on this bike by Sunday is 2.4”, and the bottom bracket height is 11.7” in total.

Getting to the components aspect of the Sunday Street Sweeper BMX complete, the frame is a 20.75” TT, full chrome moly build which is the pinnacle of BMX frame strength and durability. The fork is a one-piece full chrome moly, featuring a sturdy steerer tube that can be counted on in the roughest riding possible. As for the handlebars on the Sunday Street Sweeper, they are full chrome moly and have a 9” rise, 4 upsweep, and 12 back all in all. The brakes on this bike are Odyssey Springfield, same as the cables and levers on this BMX complete. For the grips, Sunday chose to use Jake Seeley Signature Grips, and the rims are Odyssey Quadrant rims. This is another $700.00 BMX complete, and one that is very easy to love at that relatively affordable price.

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