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These Were The All-Time Surfing Moments Of The Year | Best Of 2020

by Matt
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Well, that was a weird ride. Though it hasn’t been easy, at least when we fixed our gaze on the ocean — or favorite place in the world – very little had changed.

From Justine Dupont, Kai Lenny, Lucas Chumbo, and Conor Maguire’s mind-blowing antics at Nazaré, Jaws and Mullaghmore to Carissa Moore, Caroline Marks, Jamie O’Brien, and Kanoa Igarashi’s footwork on the world’s most high-performance waves, we packed it all in here — and then some.

For a full look at the edits we’ve sampled in the 2020 Best Of clip, check out the list below:

– Life of Kai:…

– Sessions: Nazaré:

– Following: Julian Wilson:

– Chasing The Shot: Iceland:

– The Other Side of Fear:…

– Following: Kanoa Igarashi:

– Sessions: Mundaka:

– No Contest:

– RAW: Mick Fanning:

– No Contest:

– Sessions: Bali:

– The Rail Project:

– Sessions: Desert Point:

– Sessions: Jaws, Nov. 2020:

– Sessions: Jaws, Jan. 2020:

– Taking Off: Broome:

– No Small Feat:


– Following: Carissa Moore:

– RAW: Eli Hanneman:

– Shaping Jordy:…


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