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The Vital MX Mailbox | Week #04

by Matt
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In a new bi-weekly addition to Vital MX, questions and queries will be grabbed from race fans on different platforms and answered in a rather informal format. Consider this a relaxed start to the race weekend! A smorgasbord of topics is tackled in the first edition from Lotte van Drunen’s deal with Quadrant to Haiden Deegan’s mysterious status for the first round of 250SX East. If there is something to pique your interest then this pilot feature will be filed as a success.

Questions will be gathered from the Vital MX forum, as well as social media, before each feature, so keep an eye out for those posts in order to be featured. Do not be disenchanted if your question does not get used, however, because some will be kept back for the following week. There were more than one hundred questions in the days prior to this and so the ‘bank’ is filling up nicely for future features. Anyway, without further ado, on with the questions…

“If two-way communication is safe for racecar drives at excessive speeds, why is motocross so late on it?” asked @GetDownPaul on Instagram.

This is not quite a hot topic. It does simmer from one term to the next, nonetheless, and become a popular discussion point for a week or so. This is that week. Now, let me share what my brain comprehends to be the problem. There is an air of recurrence in on-track action like Formula 1: One can prepare for what lies ahead from one lap to the next and compose their mental state for that. I would speculate that an element of auto pilot consumes an athlete in disciplines such as that, whereas off-road sport refuses to allow one to find such comfort.

Consider the fact that you do not travel in a straight line for more than ten seconds and then note that a ‘straight line’ consists of jumps, ruts and bumps. It is unrealistic to think that one could navigate that with such composure that they could articulate ideas to their trackside team. Now, to take it to a rather specific level, drivers in Formula 1 have access to water and that helps them to communicate. Do you believe that a rider who is desperate for relieve at the end of a main would be able to utter even the simplest phrase? I know that I would struggle with such a task. – @_LewisPhillips

Octopi Media

“Will Deegan’s wrist injury prevent him from being a contender in Detroit’s main event?” asked @NoLimitz957 on Instagram.

Haiden Deegan’s wrist issue, rumored to be a wounded scaphoid, has been shielded by a cloak of secrecy for some time, but he was indeed sidelined. The ‘jungle drums’ have communicated that he is back on a bike but has not been pounding laps for too long and so Detroit should be able damage limitation. What I can decipher is that the priority in Detroit is collect points and then that three-week break before 250SX East’s second event will be rather helpful. It is insane that this injury, which did happen, has been such a secret, but that is a topic for another time. – @_LewisPhillips

“Jordon Smith won the first moto in Los Angeles. Why are people so surprised that he has come out swinging like this?” asked @UpShiftTraining on Instagram.

Those are two different ideas. Los Angeles was a superb demonstration of raw speed, whereas what has been witnessed across three events is a measured athlete who has prioritized consistency. This has never been Smith’s strength, much to the chagrin of those who have secured his services, but he has been near-perfect thus far. Will such a trend continue? Time will tell. I wonder if his speed from Los Angeles will be present at some point or he will resist the urge to flirt with such a dangerous line? There is a lot to think about with this title chase. – @_LewisPhillips

“What is the Quadrant deal that Lotte van Drunen secured earlier this week? I see it is linked to Lando Norris.” asked @Dan4BHA on Instagram.

This is very cool and a moment of significance for the sport’s notoriety. Quadrant is a gaming and lifestyle brand that was founded by Lando Norris – it has been labelled as a new generation entertainment brand. Not only that, but it is co-owned by WillNE of YouTube fame. This is one of the most mainstream moments that the sport has encountered in some time. Quadrant has 362,000 followers on Instagram and 157,000 on Twitter. How could this be a bad thing? I would love to know how van Drunen worked her way into a position such as this.

Not to bring an air of negativity to such an exciting situation, but the WMX series that runs alongside the FIM Motocross World Championship is just seven events and behind a paywall. I suspect that it will be so difficult to convert new fans, for that reason, whereas a rider like Jeremy Seewer could have made massive inroads in such a department. Formula 1 fans who saw him mix with Norris would have soon realized that Seewer operates in the motocross version of F1 and so it would have been easier to grasp. Oh, well, it is still cool. – @_LewisPhillips

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