The 3 Q’s With Ryan Lockhart Presented By Matrix Concepts Canada

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Newf is excited to wake up on Christmas Day and see what Santa brought his handsome boys!

MXP: Hey Newf! We’re only a few days from Christmas. Are you and your family ready for the big day?

RL: Yes, for the most part. You know how it goes. There are always some last-minute things to get, but I would say we are about 95% there. Both kids are at a fun age for Christmas, so I’m looking forward to the big morning with them. Also, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Newf thinks that Sebastien Racine will be one of the young riders who could battle the old guys for the 250 class title in 2024. Photo by James Lissimore

MXP: We’ve spoken a little during the past few weeks about the 450 class in Canada and how it will be very competitive next year. We want to ask you about the 250 class in the 2024 Triple Crown Series. It looks like it will be a battle between the vets and the kids. What are your thoughts on the 250 class next summer?

RL: Yes, it will be interesting for sure. We have some young guns like Sebastian Racine, Quinn Amyotte, TJ Scott, and Blake Davies, who will be chasing around the old guys, Benoit, and T-dags. It’s crazy to me to think that, at this point, the 36-year-olds are the title favorites going in. Benoit was really good last year but did deal with some injuries, but between him and Tyler, I think both of them have a really good chance at the title. It’s still early, so I’m sure we will have more guys who we don’t know about yet enter the class, but the cool thing is we will have a new champion in the class with McNabb now going to the US. I still have a question mark with Mitchell Harrison, as nothing really has been said about what his plans are. I would think if he stays on a 250 with PRMX for the summer, he will be the favorite, but I think we all assume that he is making the jump to 450 class.

Could the 2024 250SX West title be won by one of the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki riders?

MXP: Speaking of the 250 class. Which rider do you think is the title favourite heading into the 250SX class in the 2024 Monster Energy Supercross Series?

RL: This is a great question, but it’s kind of hard to pinpoint as no entry list has been posted yet of who’s riding which coast. Either way, it would be hard to bet against Haiden Deegan and Joe Shimoda. These guys will likely ride different coasts. It will be exciting now that both Lawrences are out of the 250 because I am confident that we will see a few new winners in the class. This will make the 205SX West Series very exciting to watch.

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