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How to Surf: The best pop up technique

As a women I too want to feel supported and to learn in an environment that’s comfortable. Here we’ll do just that, as I run you through the pop technique and show you how to catch a broken wave.

To ensure you have the correct foot at the back of the board, ask a friend to stand behind you and give you a gentle push. The foot that naturally comes forward to brace your fall will be your front foot.

At the back of your board, place your back foot over the fin plugs, with your toes on a 90 degree angle to the rail and front foot on a 45 degree angle about shoulder width apart.

If you stand with your left foot forward that is know as a Regular or natural stance and if you stand with your right foot at the front that is described as a goofy stance. One is not better than the other, it’s purely what feels comfortable for you.

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