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2016 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal Surf Contest

2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal – Introduction and Event Overview:

Hosted at a legendary Portuguese surf spot at Peniche, Portugal, the 2016 Rip Curl Portugal was a great success in spite of mostly inclement weather all throughout the duration of the Rip Curl Pro. This was an event that saw the world’s foremost men’s professional surfing icons battling it out in the surf to determine who would take home the coveted 1st place spot in Peniche, Portugal.  Even though the conditions weren’t ideal, the competitors still gave it everything they had and put on an outstanding spectacle of professional men’s surfing.

There was a lot of variation in terms of the swells that came in during the overall span of the competition, although one of the more constant aspects of the competition was the overcast, cool to cold weather overtone. It was cloudy virtually every day of the contest, with some days even seeing some mild to moderate rains and showers. This was not a competition for the faint of heart, especially with regard to the fans and judges who braved the less than ideal weather to come out and observe this monumental competition.

Consisting of five preliminary rounds followed by a quarterfinals round, a semifinals round, and a finals round, this was an extensive competition over several days that gave each surfer a substantial chance to showcase their skills and determine who was the best in class on this Portuguese break in Peniche, Portugal. For the benefit of fans and other surfers who weren’t able to watch or follow the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal surfing event, four of the final rounds in the competition will now be broken down and described in brief detail.

2016 Rip Curl Pro Round 5 Summary:

The fifth round of the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal was a relatively low scoring round, with some of the lowest average scores of the entire competition. This was a round where the wave breaks were not exactly ideal for the surfers to execute anything big on, making above the lip airs and big spins out of the question. Despite the mediocre wave breaks in round five, there were still a couple good scores, and some good moments that kept the proceedings exciting and entertaining for all involved.

In Heat 1 of the fifth round, we saw A. de Souza pitted against J. Parkinson battling it out on the breaks at Peniche, Portugal. These two competitors gave a valiant effort in terms of trying to make something out of the insignificant breaks they were doing their best to work with, and both turned in a halfway decent score, though both scores were under ten points total. A. de Souza ended up taking first place in Heat 1 of Round 5, as he was able to pump himself into some speedy lines that allowed him to execute some nice snaps and cuts to work his score a bit higher.

A. de Souza came in with a score of 9.90, which wasn’t bad relative to many other scores in the fifth round, but it was still quite low compared to some of the higher scores to come out of the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal surf contest. In second place within Heat 1 of the fifth round was J. Parkinson, who came in with a total score of 7.57 overall. Parkinson had a decent performance, but it wasn’t enough to challenge A. de Souza for first. The average wave score in Heat 1, Round 5 was 4.37, which was one of three quite low averages in the fifth round.

Heat 2 of Round 5 ended up being the most impressive heat of the fifth round, namely due to the fact that it had the highest individual score of the entire round by almost 100%. Heat 2 was comprised of the two expert men’s surfing professionals J. Wilson and M. Bourez, who are two staple competitors in the pro surfing world. J. Wilson’s score dwarfed virtually everyone else in the fifth round, coming in with a 16.33 overall.

J. Wilson took first in Heat 2 by a substantial margin, and helped raise the average wave score of his heat all the way up to 5.60 overall, which ended up as the highest average by far. M. Bourez came in second place in Heat 2, Round 5 bringing in a score of only 6.06, which happened to be the lowest of the fifth round. This was the main irony of Heat 2, Round 5, in the sense that it saw both the highest and lowest scores of the round. J. Wilson’s performance was truly outstanding, and at the conclusion of the fifth round it looked like he had a good chance of winning the entire contest.

Within Heat 3, Round 5 of the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal, we saw the lowest scoring values of the fifth round. This was a particularly low scoring round due in part to the fact that both competitors in Heat 3 did poorly in their wave runs, but also because the waves they were working with did not offer much in terms of being ideal for executing high-scoring runs. The two competitors going head to head in Heat 3 were C. Coffin and J. Flores, and these competitors did their best to generate some significant scores with limited success. C. Coffin came in first place in Heat 3, Round 5 earning a scoring total of 7.26 overall. Not far behind him in second place was J. Flores, who was able to bring in a 6.17 for his score. These two surfers combined brought in a total average wave score of 3.36, which was the lowest average of the fifth round by a sound margin.

The fourth heat of the fifth round at the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal was definitely the closest contest of the fifth round, with the two competitors finishing extremely closely in terms of their respective total scores. The two surfers pitted against each other in Heat 4, Round 5 were S. Zietz and S. Kennedy, and they were apparently a great matchup since there was a margin of only 0.37 points between them by the end of the fourth heat in Round 5. S. Zietz was able to take first place in the fourth heat, coming in with a scoring total of 8.80 overall. Finishing out the fourth heat very closely behind was S. Kennedy, who came in with a score total of 8.43, making for an average wave score between these two competitors of 4.31 overall.


2016 Rip Curl Pro Quarterfinals Summary:

Moving into the quarterfinals of the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal event, things were really starting to heat up between the competitive field that was still left in contention. Starting out with Heat 1 of the quarterfinals, we saw K. Andino pitted against A. de Souza, and this heat proved to be a very lopsided matchup, with K. Andino absolutely blowing A. de Souza out of the water. K. Andino took first place in this heat by a massive margin, and very nearly took the highest score spot for the entire quarterfinals but ended up in second place in that respect.

Finishing out with a 17.34 scoring total in the first heat of the quarterfinals, K. Andino was off to the races and ended up besting A. de Souza by over nine whole points.  A. de Souza came in with a scoring total of 8.10, and in this way Andino handily bested him. K. Andino was able to get some air out of the lip, and perform some expert cutbacks on the wave all while maintaining an intense degree of speed in the tube at Peniche. The average wave score for Heat 1, Quarterfinals was 6.36 overall, making this a decent average round, although in third place out of four in terms of wave score averages.

Within Heat 2 of the quarterfinals, both competitors put up some decent scores, and there was not a huge margin of difference between the two surfers. Heat 2 saw J. Florence surfing against J. Wilson, with both surfers giving it 100% effort and doing their best to advance into the semifinals. Ultimately J. Florence would end up besting J. Wilson in the quarterfinals, with J. Florence coming in with the impressive score of 16.90 overall. J. Wilson ended up with a 13.57, and although he performed on the Peniche breaks very efficiently he simply did not exhibit the level of technical prowess that Florence was able to reach in the second heat of the quarterfinals. In the second heat the average wave score ended up at 7.62, which surprisingly did not finish out as the highest average in the quarterfinals. This heat put J. Florence in a great position moving into the rest of the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

Heat 3 of the quarterfinals saw by far the lowest overall average wave scoring, as the 2nd place competitor ended up with a very low score by the end of that heat. The two competitors in Heat 3 of the quarterfinals were C. Coffin, and M. Pupo, with Coffin gaining momentum as the contest moved into the semifinal rounds. C. Coffin had a decent performance in the third heat of the quarterfinals, coming in with a 12.66 total score. Coffin managed to catch a couple of nice waves, earning a Wave 1 score of 5.83 and a Wave 2 score of 6.83.

Coffin came in first in Heat 3 of the quarterfinals, with M. Pupo trailing far behind with a total score of 5.94 overall. Pupo had a hard time on his second wave, earning only a 1.77 score and this was what really torpedoed his overall chances in the quarterfinals. The average wave score in this heat ended up at 4.65, dragged down much farther than it would have otherwise been by M. Pupo’s poor performance.

Heat 4 of the quarterfinals was definitely the most exciting heat in the entire quarterfinals, and it also saw the highest score of the quarterfinals as well as the highest average wave scoring. The two professional men’s surfers competing in Heat 4 of the quarterfinals in the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal were J. Smith and S. Zietz, with J. Smith putting on an amazing show and taking 1st place in this heat.

J. Smith was able to put up a smashing total score of 17.40, one of the highest of the entire contest, due in large part to his exceptional wave ride on his second wave scoring where he ended up bringing in a perfect 10.00. S. Zietz had a decent heat, but ended up falling short and coming in 2nd place after earning a 13.56 total score. Zietz had a rough run on his second wave, only scoring 4.33, which really set him back for his total. The average wave score in this heat was a whopping 7.74, due mostly to J. Smith’s perfect 10.00 second wave scoring.


2016 Rip Curl Pro Semifinals Summary:

The semifinals of the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal men’s professional surfing event were highly varied between the two heats, with Heat 1 turning out to be a blowout and Heat 2 being a much closer competition. Heat 1 saw a head to head matchup between John John Florence and Kolohe Andino, with Florence ending up blasting Andino out of the water by several points. John John Florence was performing powerfully and consistently in the first heat, with a Wave 1 score of 6.17, a Wave 2 score of 7.67, and a combined total scoring of 13.84 overall. Florence was able to come in first place and beat Kolohe Andino by a sound margin, after Andino had a couple of very lackluster wave performances. Andino’s Wave 1 scoring was 4.00, his Wave 2 scoring was 4.47, for a combined total scoring of 8.47 overall. The average wave scoring in Heat 1 of the semifinals was 5.58 points in total, with John John Florence moving up into the finals.

Heat 2 of the semifinals gave judges, spectators, and competitors a much more impressive display of competitive surfing than Heat 1 offered, with Conner Coffin going up against Jordy Smith to see who would advance into the finals. Their Wave 1 performances were really tight scoring wise, and after the first wave it was tough to tell who was going to end up winning the heat. Conner Coffin’s Wave 1 scoring ended up at 6.00, while Jordy Smith’s Wave 1 scoring finished out at 7.20 in total. For Wave 2 scores, Conner had a powerful 9.00 score and Jordy had a 7.17. Conner’s impressive Wave 2 performance in Heat 2 of the semifinals was really what allowed him to just barely pull ahead, and win the second heat by a margin of just over half a point. Conner Coffin finished out the heat taking 1st place with a total score of 15.00, while Jordy Smith took second with an overall score of 14.37 in total. The average wave score was 7.34, with Conner Coffin advancing on into the finals against John John Florence.

2016 Rip Curl Pro Finals Summary:

Wrapping up the exciting 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal men’s professional surfing event in the finals was Hawaiian surfing icon John John Florence, and American surfer Conner Coffin. These two titans of men’s pro surfing went head to head in the finals, with a rather surprising result consider how well both of these surfers had been doing for the rest of the competition. The big surprise came in the form of Conner Coffin more or less choking on his Wave 1 performance, earning a score of only 1.33 points. At this point, it became somewhat clear to fans and competitors that Conner was not going to be able to come back from his Wave 1 disaster, barring some similar event taking place in Florence’s run.

John John stayed steady during his Wave 1 performance, coming in with a solid 7.17 scoring total. Although Conner was able to come back and perform well in his Wave 2 performance, it was definitely a case of too little, too late. Especially when John John was able to seal the deal in his Wave 2 performance with an insane individual wave score of 9.50, which won him the entire competition. John John Florence had a final score of 16.67 in the finals, while Conner Coffin came in with a 9.93 overall. While it was an unfortunate end of the competition for Conner Coffin, it was a stellar finish for John John Florence who was clearly elated at the conclusion of the event. With an average wave scoring of 6.65 points, the finals were definitely a tumultuous and unpredictable set at the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal event.

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