15 Best Wet Suits In 2016

Being one of the world’s extreme sports, surfing requires appropriate gear for safety reasons. There are galore of surfing gear out there to purchase – both for beginners and pros. Like most products, they come at various prices with the most expensive being the wet suits and surfboards (ideally the must have equipment in most water extreme sports). In this article, we will comprehensively examine the best wet suits in 2016 which you may consider in your next surfing expedition. The water temperature determines whether you will need a wet suit or not. In hot summers, this type of surfing gear may not be necessary although there are wet suits designed to be used in warm waters. Also, surfing in tropical waters may not require you to have a wet suit. If you’re lucky enough to be surfing in one if the warm climates of the world, you will probably be able to surf in a good pair of shorts and a rash skirt (no wet suit required).

Apart from the hotter seasons, in many regions where surfing is considered to be one of the major extreme sports, the water is cold and a wet suit is a must have gear. Most of these waterproof suits are made of neoprene (a flexible rubber that has insulating properties). They vary in designs, panels, seam, zipping systems and thickness. They can also be full or steamer. Thickness varies depending on the temperature of the water. For summer, ideal wet suits are 3/2mm thick and they should be 6/4mm thick in winter. So, if you want to purchase a new wet suit to make your surfing exhilarating and adventurous, you might be interested in any of the following best wet suits in 2016. These suits provide warmth, buoyancy and ultimate resistance to abrasion effects of the water.


1. O’Neill Wetsuits Reactor 3/2mm

O’Neill is a well-known brand that has been producing not only the best-selling wetsuits in the Psycho 3 range but also in the reactor range. They have the best technology and incorporate state-of-art designs that allow their wetsuits to offer excellent thermal insulation and flexibility. Wetsuits in the reactor series have always been adored by surfers and so is the Reactor 3/2mm. The wetsuit uses the patented FluidFlex design allowing for seamless movement in the sleeves as well as the shoulders. The undersleeve panel is designed to provide maximum movement without any abrasion effects. Besides that, the single Superseal neck on the suit has been incorporated with a fully adjustable seal that won’t scour the skin because of the ultra-soft interior lining. This O’Neill reactor wetsuit features a flat stitch construction and the YKK back zip. Its flexibility, versatility, ease of use and seamless nature definitely makes it one of the best suits this year.

2. XCEL Infiniti Hooded Fullsuit

XCEl is another reputable company that’s known of producing world-class surfing gear. This suit is lightweight and hence suitable for those who want to surf for long hours. Because of the flexible neoprene material, you can be able to perform quick stunts with ease. The pressure-bonded taped seams in the lower body of the wetsuit and sealed for ultimate insulation. It’s designed with minimal seam layers for easier stretch. The seams are blindstitched, double glued and curved to match the body shape, maximizing stretch and strength. The DuraFlex knee panels provide for durability and the adjustable face seal with pull barrel lock combo allows for maximum range of motion.

3. O’Neill Wetsuits Women’s Reactor Short-Sleeve Spring Wetsuit

This is another great O’Neill gear suitable for warmer weather and tropical waters. The short-sleeve suit is designed with a wind-resistant soft material on the chest and the back for smooth surfing and to provide more comfort. For easier paddling, this spring wetsuit has a robust FluidFlex shoulder, seamless paddle zones and flexible sleeve panels. The neck collar is fully sealed and adjustable to provide more comfort and to keep water at bay. With its flexibility, it’s certainly a wetsuit ladies should watch out for in the spring to enjoy this great extreme sport. It features a flatlock stitching construction and a YKK back zip system for insulation.

4. Seavenger 3mm Full Suit Flatlock Stitching Jumpsuit

This one is available for both women and men and features an easy-reach mechanism for a faster on/off. Unlike other wetsuits, it has an extra-long leash. The suit isn’t abrasive as its inner side is made of soft and ultra-stretchy Nylon II material for extra comfort. If you’re looking for a wetsuit that has great versatility, then this Seevenger suit is the best for you because you can use it for snorkeling and also for diving. It’s suited for relatively warm waters and its designed is tailored to providing maximum mobility. Its contoured kneepads foster agility and increase the longevity of your suit. It has form fitting armpit panels that help to minimize water flowing into and out of the wetsuit. The full suit has a flatlock stitching construction to reduce irritation.


5. NeoSport XSPAN Full Wetsuit

This full wetsuit features a lightweight and flexible 4-way super-stretch neoprene in its construction build for longevity. This suit’s inside and out is blind-stitched and double glued to ensure that no water enters in. The multi-layer, thermal-bonded kneepads not only boosts the lifespan of the suit but also gives the surfer maximum insulation against the cold water. The suit has an adjustable collar around the neck area as well as a zipper lap – both of them to keep the surfer warm. NeoSport wetsuits are available in various sizes ranging from the XL to the 3XL. Moreover, the suit is designed to protect you in all conditions for diving, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, kayaking, wakeboarding, canoeing and other extreme water sports. The suit itself and its accessories are constructed using 100% XSPAN material.

6. O’Neill Wetsuits Epic II 3/2CT

This wetsuit is great for any surfer who always enjoys staying in the water for indefinite periods. The suit may not be as light as its counterparts in this list but it possesses a great firewall insulation that helps keep the surfer warm for long hours. It is designed to retain most of the original heat and repel water. The seams (GBS) are double-stitched making it impossible for water to enter into the suit. For ultra-stretching capabilities, the wetsuit carries a lumbar seamless design, a robust construction that further maximizes mobility. The krypto kneepads protect your knees from abrasion effects. Because of its usability, durability and comfort it brings, this suit is worth a consideration this year.


7. Billabong Solution Gold Hooded Wetsuit

One of the Billabong’s top of the line series wetsuits. It helps in keeping you warm for longer periods even in very cold ocean waters by whisking water away from the skin. It’s specifically built for extreme surfers and has a highly innovative built-in hood and chest zip entry system. This Billabong’s wetsuit takes its materials as well as design from the Solution which are treated with Dry Max Coating for more protection and performance characteristics. The brushed tricot material in the chest area traps warm air keeping you warmer not only from the cold water but also from the wind chills. Along with the robust, highly durable, high-stretch liquid tape that is meant to provide maximum stretch, the seamless shoulder panel incorporates an internal gusset that eliminates water entry. The resin ink knee pads firmly grip the wrists and the ankles creating a tighter seal making it ideal for extreme surfers willing to surf on a harsh weather.


8. Aqua Sphere Stingray Core Warmer

This wetsuit is designed for kids and it’s mostly used for paddling. Unlike most of the suits that are only made solely from neoprene, the construction of this Aqua Sphere wetsuit includes the use of Lycra – a high quality material that gives the wetsuit its durability and flexibility characteristics. The fabric resulting from the combination of these materials is resistant to chlorine. Besides that, the fabric dries off quickly making it comfortable to wear and its design allows for high levels of breathability. The design provides great SPF protection and features an easy-pull zipper that allows convenient dressing. The 2mm neoprene chest and back panels give thermal protection and the necessary buoyancy.

9. Hyperflex Wetsuits Men’s Access

When a surfer is looking for a wetsuit, his primary concern is the ability of the wetsuit to keep him warm and its capability of repelling water. The Hyperflex wetsuit is made from premium-grade neoprene that offers ultimate insulation and unprecedented durability. The back zip design allows for easy dressing while the sturdy YKK zipper won’t snag regardless of the abrasive conditions the suit are subjected to. You don’t have to worry if the suit will fit because the adjustable collar guarantees firm fitting. This suit is suitable for most of the extreme water sports such as scuba, diving, skiing and snorkeling.


10. Billabong Furnace Carbon 3/2mm

This’s a no-zip carbon wetsuit that offers unrivaled thermal insulation. It’s constructed from thick, robust and super-stretchy neoprene lined with two layers of fast-drying and super-insulating fabric. Japanese Tatara lining is the sturdiest, warmest and lightest you can find. The seams are sealed and not stitched to increase waterproofing and limit bulk and to foster comfort and flexibility. And instead of zippers, the Billabong Furnace wetsuit utilizes the Boa Closure system that cinches the neck down securely. Moreover, the silicone seals on the wrists prevent possible flushing.


11. Body Glove Vapor X-Red Cell 3/2mm

Get on your surfboard and wait for the perfect wave with the ergonomically designed Men’s Vapor X suit that includes a Thermoplush and a warm Red Cell fiber insulation to provide you with warmth. The back panel is made in such a way that it allows you to paddle with ease allowing you catch more waves than anyone on the surf line. The bib cinch and the drain holes maintain a perfect fit while the Nano Tritec kneepads boost comfort even when the surfing conditions are quite rough. It’s made of Evoflex neoprene and so expect significant robustness.


12. U.S. Divers Mercury Full Adult Wetsuit

Made with high quality materials, the Mercury full suit, and the ergonomics of the suit combines proper fitting, style and performance. The 3mm chest panel is blended with titanium which allows the suit to maintain warm temperatures even when the ocean water is very cold. You can perform your incredible stunts comfortably because the 2mm side panels enable you to turn swiftly without any problems. The wetsuit has a unique style that makes it stand out from the rest of similar performance. It is a suit to look out for in 2016 especially if you are a pro in any of the extreme water sports. The super-stretch panels located beneath each arm provides for great flexibility. A pull chord and double-tap hook keep the suit tightly sealed. The kneepads are built for durability and it can withstand any form of scraping and rubbing.


13. O’Neill Psycho II Full Wetsuit

The psycho II is ultra-stretchy, super warm and highly durable wetsuits that feature built-in XDS-Air firewall on the chest and the back. It’s specifically designed for cold to frigid temperatures and it has a Superseal neck to ensure that water doesn’t make a way into the suit. For durability, Nylon and polyester are bonded to neoprene. The kneepads are not stitched and the suit features a blackout zipper system. The lumbar panels are also insulated to ensure maximum heat is retained in the body.

14. Quiksilver Syncro Short John Wetsuit

This is a sleeveless wetsuit meaning it’s good for surfing in the tropical warmer waters. Its slick design has been combined with the latest technology to boost versatility and flexibility. It is ultra-lightweight and super stretchy allowing you to surf seamlessly. The flatlock stitching seam construction promotes the suit’s longevity while the YKK zip system and the smooth skin chest & back panels are all designed to provide more comfort.


15. Hurley Phantom 303 3/2mm

Incorporated with thermo-light technology on the inside of the suit, the Hurley Phantom is meant to be worn in colder temperatures than a typical 3mm wet suit. This technology enables the suit to re-radiate heat onto your body for the warmest surfing. The contoured chest zip, as well as the seamless paddle areas are designed to allow for maximum range of motion.


Surfing, diving or wakeboarding cannot be exhilarating if it’s done with inappropriate gear. Besides that, remember that your health is of paramount importance and so equip yourself with the highest quality wet suits that will keep you warm while you perform stunts and surf on the chilly ocean waters.

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