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Since the Supercross series started in 1974, through 2023, there have been 742 races at 61 different venues.

Here is a list of all the venues raced at by number of races held. I have the previous names for the venues listed as stadiums change title sponsors every so often. Also, this is Supercross only and doesn’t include the three SMX races in 2023.

Supercross Venues Sorted by Number of Races Held – 1974-2023

  • It’s no surprise that Angel Stadium has had the most races. The venue debuted in the series back in 1976 and has been absent from the series only a handful of times: 1980, 1988, 1997, 1998 and 2021.
    • Since 1999, Angel stadium has held two races every year other than 2021. The venue has held 3 races a year 14 times, this last happened in 2022.
  • Daytona is 2nd and is the only venue to have held a race every year since the Supercross series debuted in 1974.
  • The Pontiac Silverdome is 3rd, and the series last raced there in 2005. The Silverdome held at least one race from 1976-1984 and 1986-2005. The venue held two races a year from 1977-1984, 1986-1993 and again in 2000.
  • The Astrodome held a race in the first season in 1974 and was on the series schedule until 2002. The Astrodome held two races a year from 1977-1983.
  • The Kingdome was on the schedule from 1978-1999. The stadium was destroyed in 2000. The Kingdome held two races a year from 1979-1989.
  • Qualcomm Stadium is the next venue on the list after Daytona to not have ever held two races in a year. Qualcomm was on the schedule from 1980-1982, 1985-1996, 1998-2014.
  • The LA Memorial Coliseum last held a Supercross race in 1998. The venue held two races in 1997.
  • The Rogers Centre in Toronto is the only venue outside of the United States to have hosted an AMA Supercross event.
    • World Supercross Series (the original) held races in Vancouver in the mid-2000s.
  • It is surprising that Pennsylvania has only held 4 total races in Supercross history. 2 have taken place in Philadelphia at John F Kennedy Stadium with two rounds in 1980. Three Rivers Stadium held a race in 1978 and 1983.
    • This surprises me especially for Pittsburgh given High Point is on the Outdoors calendar and Steel City was too until 2012. Both are not too far from Pittsburgh.
    • Philly returns to the calendar in 2024 with a race being held at Lincoln Financial Field
  • Route 66 Raceway held one race in 2000. Route 66 raceway is a dragstrip.
    • This is the only dragstrip to have held a Supercross race. SMX round 1 in 2023 was also held at a dragstrip: zMAX Dragway in Charlotte
    • Route 66 Raceway is located adjacent to Chicagoland Speedway which held SMX round 2 in 2023
  • Highmark Stadium in Buffalo held just one race in 1984 and the stadium is soon to be destroyed. PulpMX Show fans will know why this venue is special!

Here is the same chart but sorted by Metro area:

Supercross Metro Areas Sorted by Number of Races Held – 1974-2023

The previous names for the venues aren’t in this table, see venues table earlier in article.

  • Once again, no surprise Los Angeles metro area is first here.
    • The Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena held 5 total races in 1983-1985, 1990 and 1993.
  • Surprises me that there have been so few races held in Ohio or Chicago – I guess Indy is a good midpoint location for the Midwest.
  • Birmingham held a race at Talladega in 1984. Birmingham is back on the schedule for 2024 at Protective Stadium. I’ll have more on the 2024 schedule later.

Most Venues Raced at by Individual Riders – 1974-2023

You can see in this chart there have been more venues raced at among the last generation or two compared to the riders of the Supercross series in the 70s and 80s. There are also more races than there were in the 70s, 80s, 90s. We can see from Larry Ward and Mike LaRocco were sort of the in between where there was a lot of changeover in the different venues on the schedule.

Longevity of career is the main driver of the total venues raced at as the top riders are all towards the top of the career starts list. Larry Ward, LaRocco, Reed, Windham, Jeff Ward, and Brayton are all in the top 10 for career starts. Chiz is 11th all-time in starts as of 2023.

Most Venues Won at by Individual Riders – 1974-2023

Eli Tomac and Jeremy McGrath are tied for the most venues won at. McGrath has a slightly better venue win rate % than Tomac. This is due to Tomac racing at one more venue than McGrath throughout his career.

However, Ryan Villopoto has the highest venue win percentage as he won at 19 of the 21 venues he raced at in his SX career for a rate of 90.48%. Technically (if we count this), Jaroslav Falta has the highest rate at 100% as he only ever competed in one race and won it – this was at the LA Coliseum in 1974.

2024 Supercross Schedule

Two new venues that have never been raced at before have been added for 2024:

  • Protect Stadium in Birmingham, AL
  • Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA

Supercross returns to Oracle Park in San Francisco for the first time since 2010.

There is no race in the Atlanta metro area for the first time since 1988, however, Atlanta Motor Speedway is expected to host an SMX round.

Eli Tomac has raced at all of these venues except for Oracle Park, Protective Stadium and Lincoln Financial Field. Of the venues that Eli Tomac has raced at before, he has won at all of them on the 2024 schedule except for Gillette Stadium. Marvin Musquin had something to do with that…

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