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Michael’s Picks

ML’s Take: Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy New Year everyone!

ML’s Take: This is some of the best content…EVER.

ML’s Take: Kenny got a ticket for Christmas.

ML’s Take: Must watch.

ML’s Take: Not sure how I feel about ai…

Lewis’ Picks

Lewis’ Take: Crazy to think that Jorge Zaragoza was *the* next big thing in Europe at one point.

Lewis’ Take: I’m keen to see what Chase looks like with the #4. We haven’t had a taste of that…

Lewis’ Take: The best part of this is analyzing who goes above and beyond with their message.

Lewis’ Take: I must admit this announcement did not quite hit the spot. A PR blunder, perhaps?

Lewis’ Take: GoPro footage has fallen off, but that’s good. It makes the rare GoPro posts better.

Jamie’s Picks

Jamie’s Take: Malcolm Stewart is going to be the surprise of the season. Look for a win out of him. I can’t wait for SUPERRRRRRCROSSSSS!

Jamie’s Take: I hope Garrett Marchbanks can bring this speed to the races. We hear all the time how unreal he is at Club. We need him up in the mix.

Jamie’s Take: Michelin’s Randy Richardson is one of the best humans I know. Shout out to his adopted son, Craten, for graduating from Clemson University. FMIP is a proud dad.

Jamie’s Take: Hello Pot. I’m Kettle.

Jamie’s Take: JCoop is another guy that I think will mix the top ten up early, and maybe top five at times. If he gets a start he might upset some people.

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