Best Snowmobiles and Snowmobiling Equipment Items for the 2017 Season

Best Snowmobiles and Snowmobiling Equipment Items for the 2017 Season

Although snowmobiling is definitely one of the more expensive extreme sports out there, it is also a sport where having high quality hardware is absolutely critical! Click here today for free access to this comprehensive 2017 snowmobiling equipment buyer’s guide!

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Why Is Snowmobiling A Unique Sport In Terms of Equipment Requirements?

Snowmobiling in any format is definitely a demanding sport in terms of the intensive equipment and hardware requirements that must be in sufficient working order for safety and reliability. Unlike lots of other extreme sports, the main aspect of snowmobiling involves purchasing a generally quite expensive piece of machinery which of course is the sled itself. There are several high end snowmobile manufacturers coming out with the hottest sleds in 2017, and some of these include Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Ski-Doo, Husqvarna, and more.

Not only is having a quality snowmobile a critical aspect of maximizing enjoyment and safety while riding, but other apparel items like helmets, suits, boots, and gloves are also important for a successful ride out in any one of the great snowy landscapes on the planet. Of all the motorsports out there, snowmobiling involves some of the most unique components and drive systems of any other utility vehicle. For this reason having high integrity components and even some upgraded components can not only improve the overall performance of your sled, but also increase the durability and longevity of the sled as well.

Pros and Cons of Maintaining Old Snowmobile Gear vs. Buying New Gear in 2017

When considering the pros and cons of maintaining old snowmobiles and corresponding equipment items, versus buying brand new gear items or sleds for 2017, you definitely have to take budgeting into account. For those people who aren’t constrained by budgets, obviously buying the latest sleds and equipment for the 2017 season makes perfect sense, but for others it might be imperative to simply maintain an old sled and gear.

One positive aspect of maintaining old sleds and gear is that you can actually extend the time until you are forced to replace a sled or other critical component, allowing you to get an even more cutting edge technology by waiting two or three years instead of less than one. It’s hard to predict what new designs will come out in the next handful of seasons, so it comes down to a gamble of deciding when to invest in a new snowmobile or other sled gear items.

A negative aspect about maintaining older gear and sleds is that you do tend to run the risk of having an equipment failure out in the field, much more so when compared to running newer sleds and other technologies. A clear positive aspect of buying a new snowmobile and other corresponding equipment for the 2017 season is that you can capitalize on all the newest innovations and updates that have come out this season without having to wait until further winter snowmobiling seasons come around.

What Are Some Of The New Cutting Edge Sleds for 2017?

#1 – 2017 Polaris 800 Switchback Assault 144 Snowmobile:

Among the most impressive snowmobile models available for the 2017 riding season has to be the Polaris 800 Switchback Assault 144 snowmobile. This is an exceptional sled design for 2017, and it is gear toward ultimate versatility since it can handle both on-trail, and off-trail backcountry aggressive riding. Featuring a patented AXYS Chassis system built into the 2017 Polaris 800 Switchback Assault 144 snowmobile, this is a sled that has a perfected center of gravity that permits the sled to stay flat even while turning hard and cornering. The IGX 144 Rear Suspension system on this 2017 Polaris sled is built with 43% more frontal torque arm travel range, allowing for much less bottoming out and dragging when riding in powder.

Another advantage of the 2017 Polaris 800 Switchback Assault 144 snowmobile is that it is built with a very light weight rating overall, and at only 456 pounds this is a highly agile sled that has snappy torque and acceleration. Of course, everyone wants to know what’s “under the hood” so to speak, and this 2017 Polaris sled has got a 800 Cleanfire H.O. Engine. This engine is made to be both lightweight and powerful at the same time, and with a lightweight crankshaft, VForce Reeds, and a three-stage electronically controlled exhaust system, it offers remarkable acceleration and high-end speed as well. At almost $14,000.00 this is a sled for people who have a significant budget available to them, but the return on investment is so substantial that it ends up being a great deal.

#2 – 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat 137 Snowmobile:

One of the sharpest looking and best performing sport model snowmobiles available for the 2017 season is the 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat 137 sled, which represents the pinnacle of Arctic Cat’s expert engineering capabilities. Featuring proprietary track designs on this sled, the ZR 9000 Thundercat is equipped with Ripsaw II tracks that allow it to have exceptional hold and traction in a variety of different snow and ice surfaces and consistencies. With a triple turbocharged four-stroke engine, this Arctic Cat sled has a 998cc engine that delivers an insane amount of power to this aggressively engineered sled chassis. The digital controlled coil induction ignition system allows for smooth and reliable starting no matter how cold or extreme the conditions are outside, which allows for peace of mind while snowmobiling in more remote areas.

The 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat 137 snowmobile has a fuel capacity of almost ten gallons, giving this sled an impressive range regardless of operational intensity. The front end ski shocks on this 2017 Arctic Cat sled are especially sophisticated and well designed, with FOX 1.5 Zero QS3 ski shocks providing a smooth and well balanced ride. The rear track shocks are also designed and produced by FOX, and specifically they are the FOX 2.0 Zero QS3 rear track shock systems. The deluxe digital gauges on this sled make for an extra sleek and modern design, and are a great addition to the sled along with the super bright LED frontal lights. Retailing at almost $17,000.00 the 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 9000 Thundercat 137 snowmobile is considerably more expensive than the Polaris 800 Assault model, and it is probably worth it given the extra power equipped on the ZR 9000 Thundercat.

#3 – 2017 Yamaha SR Viper S-TX DX 137 Snowmobile:

Another high performance, aggressive riding snowmobile for the 2017 season is the 2017 Yamaha SR Viper S-TX DX 137 snowmobile. Featuring an extremely powerful 1049cc, four-stroke engine, the Yamaha SR Viper delivers riders a level of torque, acceleration, and high end speed that is hard to beat among the field of 2017 high performance snowmobiles. Designed with the characteristic white and blue Yamaha color scheme, this is a fresh looking sled for 2017 with the power and performance to match. Equipped with a patented YVXC clutch and transmission system, this 2017 Yamaha sled uses a 41mm Mikuni fuel injection mechanism that allows for high efficiency and low energy waste, which is important when conserving the relatively small amount of fuel capacity held in a high performance snowmobile.

With it’s ten gallon fuel capacity, the 2017 Yamaha SR Viper S-TX DX 137 snowmobile has a fairly average sized fuel capacity that should hold up well regardless of how intense your on-trail or off-trail backcountry riding style actually is. Featuring the proprietary Yamaha created Tuner III ski type, this is an aggressive sled that handles and turns with a very high degree of hold and rider confidence. For optimum comfort and enjoyment in mind, Yamaha actually built this sled to have a heated trail seat that allows the rider to stay warm and comfortable no matter how long your riding session is. At around $13,400.00 the 2017 Yamaha SR Viper S-TX DX 137 snowmobile is probably one of the most affordable high performance sleds available in the 2017 riding season, and offers a really significant bang for your buck.

Best Snowmobiling Suits, Gloves, and Helmets for the 2017 Season

#1 – 2017 Tobe Vivid Men’s Snowmobiling Monosuit:

One of the best premium quality men’s full-suit (or monosuit, depending on your terminology) snowmobiling suits for 2017 is the Men’s Vivid snowmobiling monosuit by Tobe. This is a versatile, comfortable, and practical full-suit for snowmobiling, and it is available in a range of different colors and aesthetics to appeal to everyone. From Hawaiian Ocean Blue, to Citrus Yellow, to Classic Green, to Jet Black, to Chili Pepper Red, to Fuchsia-Purple, the 2017 Tobe Vivid Men’s snowmobiling monosuit comes in a variety of color schemes which are sure to please even the most picky of shoppers.

This snowmobiling monosuit is 100% windproof and waterproof, and has a variety of different ventilation zippers on the chest area and upper leg areas. Featuring a two layer Sympatex Cordura outer shell construction, with Kevlar sectioning built into critical portions of the suit, this is an intensely durable full snowmobiling suit that can hold up even under the toughest conditions. At around $750.00 this snowmobiling monosuit is definitely a premium product with a premium price, but is well worth it for people who snowmobile for long sessions where rugged coverage and insulation is crucial.

#2 – 2017 Klim Elite Men’s Snowmobiling Gloves:

For a truly premium, serious 2017 snowmobiling glove, the 2017 Klim Elite Men’s snowmobiling glove is genuinely tough to beat in terms of quality and engineering. Sometimes people have a hard time distinguishing what the differences are between conventional winterized gloves and snowmobiling gloves, and one of the main differences is the accordion stretch knuckle construction, which is equipped on these sled gloves by Klim. These stretch formations in the glove allows for optimum dexterity and flexibility while riding, and ensures that the glove does not hinder performance or precise movement.

With an integrated goggle squeegee built in, riders can quickly and effortlessly clean off their goggle lens while riding without having to fully stop and take out some kind of cloth or handheld squeegee simply to perform a fast cleaning. Designed with a total of 160 grams of insulation built into the backhand of the gloves, the 2017 Klim Elite Men’s snowmobiling gloves make for very warm gloves that will keep a rider warm even in the harshest, coldest conditions. At almost $250.00, these superior sled gloves are quite expensive, but when you need the best of the best, these will definitely work well.

#3 – 2017 Dual Sport Delta R3 Snowmobiling Helmet:

One of the hottest, and most cutting-edge new snowmobiling helmets is without a doubt the 2017 Delta R3 Dual Sport snowmobiling helmet. This is a helmet design by the elite sled apparel and helmet company known as Delta, and this electric orange and gray dual sport snowmobiling helmet is both futuristic and modern, while being conventional and reliable at the same time. In terms of the more futuristic features on this snowmobiling helmet, it is equipped with a fog blocking heated ITO dual pane electric shield, a sun visor that flips down smoothly, an innovative breathbox that redirects and cycles hot and humid air away from the lensing area, and a cold weather chin curtain.

Featuring adjustable forehead ventilation ports, riders can work on customizing their own venting system setup when they buy their own 2017 Delta R3 Dual Sport snowmobiling helmet. Obviously with the extreme speeds and rugged terrain being traversed during snowmobiling sessions, you definitely need an extra strong helmet to ensure safety in an accident. With that being said, this 2017 Delta sled helmet is built with a dual density EPS material that serves to maximize the helmet’s resistance to impacts. At almost $300.00 this helmet is both affordable (in terms of all of it’s next gen features), and pricey at the same time considering that three hundred dollars can be a large part of some people’s sled riding budget. If you can afford it, the 2017 Delta R3 Dual Sport snowmobiling helmet is seriously tough to beat in terms of both safety and comfort.




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