Snowboard Germany team selection 2023/24

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Looking into 2023/24 winter season the German Snowboard Team boasts a roster of 54 athletes, led by the renowned Martin Nörl. As the 2023 Vice World Champion and two-time overall World Cup winner in snowboard cross, Nörl stands at the forefront of Germany’s finest snowboarders for the upcoming winter campaign.

However, Carolin Langenhorst, a snowboard alpine racer and World Cup winner, will sit out this ucpocming season, prioritizing her academic dreams. The freestyle squad has also seen some reshuffling, particularly with the young prodigy Jakob Ganserer retiring post-injury. Ganserer, a bronze medalist at the 2022 European Youth Olympic Festival, will be notably absent from the scene.

Additionally, halfpipe rider Benedikt Bockstaller from couldn’t make the national squad this year owing to a series of injuries. Despite this setback, the 23-year-old remains undeterred, preparing for competitive action with an eye on rejoining the team next year.


Martin Nörl, Jana Fischer, Leon Beckhaus, Paul Berg, Niels Conradt, Fillip Freudenberg, Kurt Hoshino, Umito Kirchwehm, Leon Ulbricht, Sebastian Pietrzykowski, Silas Böhler, Kenta Kirchwehm, Julius Reichle, Malte Riedel, Celia Trinkl, Felix Schwenkel, Niclas Ebner.

Snowboard Alpine:

Stefan Baumeister, Ramona Hofmeister, Cheyenne Loch, Melanie Hochreiter, Yannik Angenend, Elias Huber, Ole Mikkel Prantl, Kaijo Taniguchi, Aurelia Buccioni, Salome Jansing, Max Kühnhauser, Benedikt Riel, Mathilda Scheid, Yuna Taniguchi, Samuel Vojtasek, Zoe Jansing, Ina Reichelmeir, Arne Riedel.

Freestyle – Slopestyle & Big Air

Annika Morgan, Moritz Breu, Leon Gütl, Niklas Huber, Peter Lotz, Noah Vicktor, Leon Vockensperger, Heli Bockhorni, Philippa Steeg, Mika Schweizer, Yugala Perach.

Freestyle – Halfpipe

André Höflich, Leilani Ettel, Mark Schrott, Christoph Lechner, Anne Hedrich, Kona Ettel, Florian Lechner, Tina Schrott.

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