2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Men’s Ski Cross Finals at Montafon

Montafon in Austria is one of the most popular freestyle skiing destination in Europe, and it was the location of the 2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross competition!


Located in an extensive valley region in Austria, Montafon is essentially a complex of several villages and towns, totaling at least ten at the last count. Montafon is home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Europe, and is a favorite destination for many different competition and professional leagues to hold contests, and for general alpine enthusiasts to congregate. The Montafon Ski Resort was the site of the 2016 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross final round event, and turned out to be the perfect location for this high profile FIS contest.

2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Men’s Ski Cross Finals at Montafon

With colossal snowfall totals many seasons, and a unique mountainous and alpine geography, the Montafon Ski Resort boasts many miles of pristine runs, chutes, and glades, and an expertly designed technical and terrain park for freestyle skiing and snowboarding. It isn’t hard to see why the FIS competition administrators and event planners would want to hold a competitive freeskiing event at Montafon, and this contest on December 17th, 2016 went off without any problems at all. The French continue to do exceedingly well as they have been lately in the men’s FIS freestyle skiing division, as the winner and runner-up were both French freeskiing athletes.

Additionally, Switzerland was well represented at this competition with a Swiss athlete taking the third place podium finish at the 2016 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross contest final. This competition was very important for the rankings of the FIS men’s freestyle skiing athletes, given that it is part of the overall 2016 season wrap up that is going to determine where FIS rankings are at heading into the 2017 season.

The weather conditions at Montafon for the competition were absolutely pristine for the most part, with the brilliant sunshine illuminating the gorgeous mountain valley and making for an effective snow consistency that was not too hard or icy, and not too soft or mushy. Although a harder, more icy snow surface is generally conducive to much higher speeds during the freestyle ski cross runs, it can often mean a marginal sacrifice of traction and control when the speed threshold reaches a certain critical point.

With the sun in the sky and the athlete morale quite high indeed, the 2016 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross event final was an awesome event for skiers, spectators, and judges alike. For the benefit of freestyle skiing fans all over the planet, and especially throughout Europe, analysis of the contest and final podium rankings will now be supplied here.

1st Place – Jean-Frederic Chapuis – France:

Taking first place at the 2016 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross final at Montafon in Austria was French freeskiing athlete, Jean-Frederic Chapuis. As was previously mentioned, the French have been doing exceedingly well in the men’s freestyle skiing division of the FIS in the latter parts of the 2016 competitive season. Chapuis and his first place victory at Montafon have served to further entrench this growing reputation of the French freestyle skiing athletes and their recent prowess on the slopes.

Jean-Frederic skied with remarkable speed and agility at the men’s ski cross final at Montafon, earning himself a major points bonus in both the FIS ranking and the World Cup ranking as we are heading into the 2017 season. One of the younger to median level aged competitors at the Montafon contest, Chapuis is neither an old veteran or a young rookie as he competes at 27 years old. Skiing with a competitive bib number of two at the Men’s Ski Cross Final, Jean-Frederic Chapuis rides with a sense of accuracy, precision, and near-perfect timing that makes him a serious force to be reckoned with, especially in the ski cross competitive category.

Chapuis was awarded a major points package as a result of his first place victory at Montafon, starting out with his FIS points ranking where he earned a total of 1000.00 points overall. This thousand point addition to his FIS ranking total comes at a perfect time for Chapuis, just as the 2016 season is wrapping up and giving way to the new 2017 season progression. Not only did he earn a colossal FIS points boost, Chapuis also was awarded a large World Cup points allocation at 100.00 points in total. With a staggering seventeen first place finishes in various qualifying and championship freestyle skiing events in the FIS over the last few years, this win at Montafon marks yet one more victory in the illustrious career of Jean-Frederic Chapuis.

Jean-Frederic Chapuis - 2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Men’s Ski Cross Finals at Montafon

2nd Place – Jonas Devouassoux – France:

Achieving the second place runner up spot at the 2016 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross competition, French freeskiing athlete Jonas Devouassoux really closely challenged Jean-Frederic Chapuis for the victory at this contest. Although Chapuis and Devouassoux are both French freeskiing athletes with the FIS, and they do share some degree of comradeship and shared heritage, it was plain to see that these two competitors were in it to win it at the Montafon competition in Austria. Skiing with an incredible will and spirit, Jonas Devouassoux is a true freestyle and ski cross expert with many previous competitions under his belt.

Not only does Jonas share his French heritage with the first place winner Jean-Frederic Chapuis, but they are also both the same age having both been born in 1989. Competing with a bib number of sixteen at the Montafon Men’s Ski Cross event final, Jonas Devouassoux did an outstanding job of navigating his runs at this event, and his situational awareness and timing afforded him a major success and large points allocations as well.

Receiving significant points allocations in both the FIS ranking category and the World Cup points ranking, Jonas Devouassoux was another athlete at the Montafon event that saw a substantial career boost as a consequence of making the podium at second place. With regard to his FIS points award allocation, Jonas Devouassoux was able to earn a total of 800.00 points toward his general FIS ranking points aggregate.

In terms of his World Cup ranking position, Jonas was awarded a total of 80.00 WC points toward his ranking in that regard. Continuing the latest FIS trend of French freeskiing athletes doing quite well, Jonas Devouassoux is definitely riding the wave at the moment and we can only hope he continues this momentum into the 2017 FIS freeskiing season.

Jonas Devouassoux - 2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Men’s Ski Cross Finals at Montafon

3rd Place – Marc Bischofberger – Switzerland:

Bringing Switzerland some glory as a result of his performance in the 2016 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross competition, Swiss athlete Marc Bischofberger really put it down and achieved the third place position on the podium as a result. His efforts in this FIS ski cross final at Montafon in Austria were definitely not in vain, and frankly Marc was one of the most determined freeskiers in the whole competition. He was simply outdone by the two French athletes that were able to take first and second place at the Montafon contest, but it was not for lack of effort or focus, that is for sure.

Marc Bischofberger is among the hardest training FIS freeskiing athletes in the game, spending much of his time training at various facilities in Switzerland where some of the most elite and world class skiing venues on the planet can be found. Competing at Montafon with the bib number of nine, Marc Bischofberger is definitely one of the younger competitive freeskiing athletes currently operating within the parameters of the FIS freestyle skiing league. Born in 1991, the 25 year old freeskier definitely turned some heads at the Montafon competition by executing some outstanding runs and having almost no errors at all.

Bischofberger also received a substantial points allocation in terms of his FIS and World Cup rankings, though his allocation was considerably less than the winner’s points award. With regard to his FIS ranking points, Marc Bischofberger got a serious ranking boost when he received a total of 600.00 FIS points overall. In terms of a World Cup points award, Marc earned a total of 60.00 WC points by the end of the event. With only three podium finishes under his belt, and one first place finish since his initial beginnings competing with the FIS freeskiing division, this podium finish at Montafon represents a major boost and improvement in both his FIS rankings and his career morale heading into 2017.

Marc Bischofberger - 2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Men’s Ski Cross Finals at Montafon

4th Place – Kevin Drury – Canada:

Canadian freeskiing athlete Kevin Drury secured the fourth place finish at the 2016 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross competition at Montafon, Austria. He did so by defeating Slovenian skier Filip Flisar by a very narrow margin, with a real battle going down between the Canadian and Slovenian freeskiing athletes. Kevin Drury represented Canada quite effectively at the Montafon competition, and earned himself some nominal rankings boosts at the same time. Competing with a bib number of three, Kevin Drury was the oldest athlete in the top four finishers at 28 years old.

You wouldn’t know he was the oldest in the top four while watching him compete though, given that Kevin Drury skis with a level of agility and competence that comes as a result of years of training mostly in Canada, but also in other resort facilities around the world. Kevin Drury’s illustrious career with the FIS is doing fairly well at the present time, and with his significant points awards coming as a result of taking fourth at Montafon, Austria, representing a great motivator to keep going strong into the 2017 FIS competitive season.

With regard to Kevin’s FIS and World Cup points award allocations as a result of taking fourth at Montafon, he earned a total of 500.00 FIS points overall which he really needed to strengthen his position moving into 2017. In terms of his World Cup points award, Kevin Drury received 50.00 WC points which is going to be a significant boost in the contest of World Cup ratings. Although Drury is one of the FIS freeskiing athletes on the older side of the age spectrum, we can expect a number of great performances left from this expert Canadian freestyle skier.

Kevin Drury - 2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Men’s Ski Cross Finals at Montafon

5th Place – Filip Flisar – Slovenia:

Slovenian FIS freeskiing athlete Filip Flisar has been having a phenomenal end of the 2016 competitive season, and his top-five fifth place finish at the 2016 FIS Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross competition at Montafon, Austria, represents an extension of that success. Flisar continues to train hard heading into the 2017 FIS season, alongside a rigorous competition schedule, making him one of the toughest training athletes in the FIS. Competing with a bib number of eight at the Montafon event, Filip Flisar is one of if not the most successful Slovenian freeskiing athletes in the world today, with his remarkable abilities well on display at this Men’s Ski Cross final round.

Filip Flisar competes in many different freestyle skiing contest variations, with ski cross not necessarily being his strongest suit, but at the same time he is able to thrive in nearly all contest varieties. Earning a total of 450.00 FIS league points as a result of his fifth place finish at the Montafon event, Filip received yet one more boost to his rankings before the commencement of the 2017 FIS season. In terms of his World Cup points award as a result of taking fifth, he ended up earning a comprehensive total of 45.00 points. Given that he has been able to wrap up the 2016 FIS season with so much success, we can definitely expect to see a lot more impressive performances from Flisar in the 2017 season contest series.

Filip Flisar - 2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Men’s Ski Cross Finals at Montafon

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