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2017 ISOC Racing Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa

As the 2017 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series draws for a close for this year, with only three main season contests left to go, we focus our attention on the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa. Click here today for a detailed summary and final round Pro Open results from this awesome snocross race in Iowa!


With only three more primary season competition races left within the 2017 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, we turn our attention to the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa. This race was a really great addition to the already successful 2017 ISOC snowmobile racing circuit, and featured one of the most innovative and difficult racing courses we have seen so far this season. Dubuque, Iowa has been getting decent winter snow conditions this season, not nearly as good as the west coast, but definitely good enough for this competition to go off without a hitch.

The Pro Open racing circuit was without a doubt the most exciting racing event at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National, and those results are what will be covered here. Finally, Tucker Hibbert’s league dominance has been dethroned at least temporarily, given that he was not able to take first place at this race as he has been repeatedly during the 2017 season. Instead, we saw Kody Kamm taking the first place finish at this AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series and earning a massive win for his current race team of Hentges Racing. He also earned a big win for Polaris, which was a snowmobile manufacture and primary sponsor that had a really successful run at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa, given that three out of the top five finishers at this event were Polaris sponsored racers.

2017 ISOC Racing Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa

This was also a race where the United States native competitors dominated the podium and the top five finishers, considering that all of the top five racers were American nationals. Usually it is normal to see some Swedish, Norwegian, other Scandinavian, and especially Canadian snocross racers on the podium during the 2017 ISOC Racing and AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, but this time around it was only Americans dominating the race. With the snocross racing series drawing to a close in 2017, it has never been a better time to brush up on the season results and where the rankings are at heading into the final competitions. For the benefit of snocross racing fans everywhere, we have included a comprehensive event summary and final results from the Pro Open finals at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National that will be presented here now.

2017 ISOC Racing Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa

1st Place – Kody Kamm – Kenosha, Wisconsin:

Unseating the dominant force of Tucker Hibbert during the 2017 AMSOIL Championship Snocross National, professional snocross racer Kody Kamm managed to secure the first place victory at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa. Kody has been finishing on the podium or in the top five several times throughout the 2017 snocross season, but hasn’t been able to secure many actual wins. This marks a major milestone in his 2017 season, and he definitely had to fight extremely hard to put Tucker Hibbert away at this event.

Tucker Hibbert is without a doubt one of the most formidable competitors in the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, and he is very difficult for other racers to surpass. Kody Kamm managed to overtake Tucker Hibbert after the halfway point in the race, and in order to achieve that, Kody had to race with a sense of fearlessness that honestly bordered on recklessness. It was obvious while seeing Kody race that he was throwing all caution to the wind, and apparently that is what it takes to defeat the snocross racing titan, Tucker Hibbert. Tucker still took second place, which is really no surprise when you look at his stats for the 2017 season.

Kody Kamm was racing for his primary team of Hentges Racing at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa, and this marks a major achievement for the Hentges team in 2017. Additionally, Kody races for Polaris, and he was definitely squeezing every little bit of performance out of his Polaris sled at this competition. Kody was racing with the bib number of fifty-three at this competition, and he successfully represented his hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin at this race with his first place victory. Kody is likely to pick up some new sponsors as a result of this phenomenal racing performance at Dubuque, Iowa, and those will be added to his already extensive sponsorship profile. Some of those sponsors include Pirtek, Polaris, Starting Line Products, 139 Designs, Apple Ford, Ice Age Manufacturing, and many more.

2nd Place – Tucker Hibbert – Pelican Rapids, Minnesota:

As was previously mentioned, Tucker Hibbert has definitely been one of the major standout professional snocross athletes competing in the 2017 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series this year. As yet one more testament to his phenomenal 2017 season, Tucker Hibbert managed to secure the second place podium finish at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National held at Dubuque, Iowa. After dominating the Pro Open circuit this year within the ISOC Racing class and winning several events, Tucker didn’t manage to take first here at Dubuque, but second place is still another major boost to his overall league standing.

Tucker’s racing style is always extremely aggressive and not at all conservative, and that textbook style was well on display at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National event. Even with his wild-eyed, full throttle, extreme racing tactics that have won him so many events this season, it wasn’t enough to defeat Kody Kamm at this race. It was plain to see that Tucker was becoming desperate toward the end of the race when Kody was establishing his lead, but no matter what Tucker tried to do at a certain point Kody was not going to lose his lead. In spite of Tucker not securing the win at this event, a second place finish is definitely not going to hurt his rankings or overall league standing.

Racing with the bib number of sixty-eight at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa, Tucker Hibbert kept his legacy going and earned another achievement for his racing team of Team Monster Energy. The Monster Energy snocross racing outfit has been having an epic season with Tucker Hibbert being their star sponsored athlete, and so have the rest of Tucker’s biggest sponsorships. Tucker is riding for Arctic Cat right now in terms of his actual sled sponsorship, but some of his other sponsors include FLY Helmets, Speedwerx, Ram Trucks, Kicker Audio, C-TEC2 Synthetic Oil, and several others too.

3rd Place – Lincoln Lemieux – St. Johnsbury, Vermont:

Racing out of his hometown of St. Johnsbury, Vermont, Lincoln Lemieux is yet one more prominent snocross athlete that has stayed in the top rankings during the 2017 AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series. The 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National was another example of Lincoln’s strong racing season, given that he managed to secure the third place podium finish at this event. Lincoln Lemieux was basically racing with the same style he’s been using all season, which seems to combine a sense of conservative racing that manages risks and doesn’t just automatically take every risky pass or angle that opens up in front of him. His ability to know when to push for a risky maneuver, and when to hang back and survey the pack, has been earning Lincoln a lot of big finishes during the 2017 ISOC Racing professional snocross series.

Competing with the bib number of thirteen at this race at Dubuque, Iowa, Lincoln Lemieux managed to help get the Ski-Doo racing outfit some exposure at this event, and get one of their racers onto the podium. The podium at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National was a really well balanced podium in terms of sled sponsorships and manufacturers, with Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, and Polaris all having one of their athletes make it onto the podium. Lincoln is currently racing for the AMSOIL team, and he definitely brought them some major league recognition after securing the third place podium rounding finish.

Although Lincoln Lemieux brought in a major finish for the AMSOIL team, he also earned some credit for his other biggest sponsors, which are the U.S. Air Force and Rockstar Energy Drinks. Lincoln still likely has many more years competing within the Pro Open circuit of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series, which is a good thing since he brings so much intensity and credibility to this professional snocross racing league. Even though Lincoln already has a lot of major sponsorships, it is likely he could be looking at even more after this latest podium finish at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National.

4th Place – Kyle Pallin – Ironwood, Michigan:

Racing out of Ironwood, Michigan, Kyle Pallin managed to secure the fourth place finish at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National at Dubuque, Iowa. Kyle has been a consistent presence during the Pro Open class of the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series this year, although he hasn’t really won many events. In spite of not having many victories this year, he has made it into the podium or the top five several times throughout the 2017 season. Kyle Pallin is definitely not as formidable a competitor as someone like Tucker Hibbert, but his extensive training and experience as a snocross athlete give him the fundamental skills to compete with the best pros and place highly in the rankings.

Kyle was competing with the bib number of 324 at this competition, and was yet another successful top five finisher for the Polaris snowmobile company. Kyle Pallin is currently racing for the high profile team of Team LaVallee Racing, and this fourth place finish marks yet one more major achievement for this snocross racing team in the 2017 season. In addition to racing for Polaris and Team LaVallee, Kyle Pallin is also sponsored by other big name companies like Loctite, Red Bull Energy Drinks, Fox, FXR Racing, Digital Ink, Kafka Conveyors, Fraser Steel, Stomp Grips, and many more. Kyle is one of the major competitors within the AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series that has family members on his crew team, which seems to be an encouraging force for these athletes.

5th Place – Ryan Springer – Crown, Minnesota:

Another Minnesota native, snocross athlete Ryan Springer got one of his biggest career milestones of the year at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National when he raced his way into the top five finishers at that race. A lifetime of training has turned Ryan Springer into a formidable snocross competitor, and although he has not really produced any victories in the 2017 season he is always a solid contender at these races. It is difficult to analyze Ryan Springer’s racing style, and a big reason for this is that he tends to change up his racing strategies from race to race. Whether this is because he is fine tuning his tactics, or because varying styles is his central tactic, Ryan Springer is definitely an interesting and enigmatic competitor to watch.

Racing for the team known as Carlson Motorsports, Ryan Springer is proving himself more and more to be an integral asset for the Carlson Motorsports team. Ryan Springer definitely does not have the volume of big sponsorships as a racer like Tucker Hibbert or Tim Tremblay, but he does have a decent sponsorship profile starting out with Polaris. Competing with the bib number of 541 at the 2017 Theisen’s Snocross National, some of Springer’s other major sponsorships include Atturo Tires, CDI, NGK Spark Plugs, K&N Filters, Sportech, Walker Evans Racing, FXR, and more. Springer’s career likely has a lot more longevity left to it, and this top five finish at a major AMSOIL Championship Snocross National should serve as a significant boost to his league standing.

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