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Best Skate Gear of 2017

Best Skate Gear of 2017 - VarialTV

“Due to the high-impact, intense nature of skateboarding, it is necessary to update and upgrade your skate gear items regularly. Check it out today
for our rundown of the best 2017 skate gear items!”

For hardcore skateboarders who are practicing their sport on a regular basis, there is going to be a tremendous amount of wear and tear on the various equipment items necessary for riding. From the actual skateboard deck itself, to the trucks, bearings, wheels, and especially shoes, virtually everything used to skate hard is going to wear out in relatively short order.

For this reason, it is a great idea to stay on top of the latest trends in skateboarding gear development and innovation, so you can always be skating with state of the art gear items! Some skateboarders might have the idea that skate equipment never really changes, so why worry about what new gear items are coming out for the next year?

For some years this sentiment may be true, but other years see leaps and bounds in terms of how skateboard equipment items are made and the materials used to construct them can change as well. If you are a skateboarder who is committed to your chosen gear items, then perhaps there is no need to look deeper into what new innovations are out there.

On the other hand though, wouldn’t you want to know if there was a groundbreaking new skate technology out there that could take your game to the next level? Join us as we cover some of these new groundbreaking skate gear innovations and run down some of the best skate equipment from 2017!

2017 Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Deck Bamboo/Maple Hybrid

Speaking of tremendous skateboarding gear innovations, if you haven’t heard of the new trend of skateboard deck manufacturers incorporating bamboo into their construction, you seriously need to check it out! The 2017 Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Deck is a perfect example of a prominent skate gear manufacturer using bamboo in their 2017 deck designs, although this particular board is even better since it uses a bamboo and maple 6-ply hybrid construction.

For this reason, you basically get the best of both worlds between the exceptionally lightweight and durable bamboo, and the awesome pop that skateboarders have come to expect from maple woods. The shaping on the 2017 Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Deck is also really nice, using an especially deep concave section that gives extra control for both street and vert skating applications.

The use of bamboo in the 2017 Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Deck represents a growing innovation in the world of skateboard deck design, involving the use of stronger, lighter, and more resilient materials. Not only is this board well made, but it is also very affordable and looks awesome too.

Featuring a green fish graphic against the natural texture of the bamboo, this board has a fresh and contemporary look to it. The 2017 Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Deck is also available in a variety of different sizes, ranging from the ideal street skating size of 7.75” x 31.5”, to 8” x 31.75”, to 8.25” x 32” for the vert skaters.  Retailing at only $40.00 when you purchase online, the 2017 Bamboo Skateboards Green Fish Deck is tough to beat in terms of the best skate decks of 2017!

2017 Independent Stage-11 169mm Skateboard Trucks

Sometimes selecting the best new skate gear items comes down to tracking the latest trends and innovations, and other times it is best to stick with the tried and true of what really works. There is no better example of that for 2017 than the Independent Stage-11 169mm Skateboard Trucks by Independent Trucks.

Independent is known for making exceptionally durable trucks, and while their truck models are generally a bit heavier on average, they are also the toughest and most rugged trucks on the market as well. So if you are looking for skate trucks that are built to last a long time, instead of just being ridiculously light and easy to snap, then the Independent Stage-11 169mm Skateboard Trucks are what you need.

These trucks are quite highly rated by consumer reviews, indicating the dependable nature of this equipment. There is some newer innovation built into the Independent Stage-11 169mm Skateboard Trucks however, including a much improved geometry that allows the rider to corner and carve better, in addition to better stability on big landings.

The Stage-11s can fit onto conventional skate decks ranging all the way up to 9.5” wide, making them highly compatible with most decks. Another great innovation on these trucks is the “No Hang-Up” yoke that prevents the trucks from hooking onto the coping during roll-ins. Retailing around $40.00, the 2017 Independent Stage-11 169mm Skateboard Trucks are an inexpensive way to completely upgrade your skateboard setup heading into the new year!

2017 Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skate Bearings

For skateboarders who are tired of settling for mid-grade skate bearings, and want to take their ride to the next level, consider picking up a set of 2017 Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skate Bearings. These elite skate bearings surpass the commonly seen “Abec” rating system, and they are quite literally the best skate bearings that money can buy.

The major advantage to this type of ceramic bearings is that the ball bearings are much lighter and create less friction than conventional bearings. This makes for higher speeds, better cornering and carving, smoother landings, and more. These bearings are also much better than conventional steel bearings in terms of longevity and lifespan, since the ceramic bearings will not rust and wear out like conventional bearings will.

The ceramic components also self-polish and condition the insides of the bearing casing, representing another massive advantage of investing in high end ceramic bearings like the 2017 Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skate Bearings. Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream, these 2017 Bones Ceramic Super Reds Skate Bearings are ready to go right out of the box! Take your skating to the next level with some ceramic bearings. Retailing around $70.00, these ceramic bearings are quite expensive, but worth it to totally revolutionize your skating experience.

2017 Bones STF V5 Skateboard Wheels

One of the best selections for innovative and elite quality skateboard wheels in 2017 has to be the 2017 Bones STF V5 Skateboard Wheels. Bones is a skate company that has a reputation for developing the most high quality skateboarding gear items, so they are a company that we turn to for the best of the best. Their 2017 Bones STF V5 Skateboard Wheels are no exception to their sterling skate equipment reputation, and these wheels have remarkably high consumer reviews as well.

Available in a broad range of sizes from 51mm, to 52mm, 53mm, 54mm, 55mm, and 56mm, the 2017 Bones STF V5 Skateboard Wheels can be sure to fit anyone’s board dimensions and wheel preferences. These wheels are designed with a wide profile, and come from the factory with a super grippy treaded surfacing.

The proprietary Street Tech Formula (STF) makes for a wheel that has much higher than average rebound, and is capable of executing big slides without getting flat spots on the wheel surface. The durometer and hardness of these wheels is rated at 83b, which is a nice medium for skateboarders who like to ride street, vert, and everything in between. Retailing around $30.00 depending on which seller you do business with, the 2017 Bones STF V5 Skateboard Wheels offer fantastic value for
the money.

2017 ProTec The Classic Helmet – Gloss Black

The gold standard in skateboard helmets is, and has almost always been a company called ProTec. ProTec have been in the field of skate helmet design for nearly forty years, and they have definitely learned a lot about what it means to produce an elite quality helmet in all that time. Their 2017 ProTec The Classic Helmet in Gloss Black basically takes all the best aspects of ProTec designs and incorporates all of that into one epic helmet.

Not only does this helmet look sleek and well built with its shiny gloss black finish, but it also has all the sophisticated innovations to ensure your head is safe in the event of a crash. This helmet from ProTec is even backed by CPSC/CE certification, which means it has been extensively lab tested with extreme crushing forces to test durability.

Lined with a comfortable EPS Foam Lining, the 2017 ProTec The Classic Helmet is as comfortable as it is practical and safe. Available in a broad range of sizes from XS, to SM, MD, LG, XL, and XXL, the 2017 ProTec The Classic Helmet has a sizing option for skateboarders of all shapes and sizes. Retailing around $50.00, this helmet is definitely not the cheapest option, but why try to save money on a piece of skate gear that could potentially save your life?

Best 2017 Skate Kneepads: 2017 ProTec Street Skate Knee Pads

2017 ProTec Street Skate Knee Pads

In addition to making some of the best skateboarding helmets on the planet, ProTec
also makes exceptionally high quality skate knee pads as well. Their 2017 ProTec
Street Skate Knee Pads are a fantastic choice for any skateboarder to make,
regardless of whether that skateboarder focuses more on street or vert skating.
Made using high quality materials, and expertly designed by the professionals at
ProTec, the 2017 ProTec Street Skate Knee Pads are versatile and can work for
skateboarders of all sizes and styles.

Sizing availability for the 2017 ProTec Street Skate Knee Pads ranges from a Youth
size, through a Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizing option. This means that
no matter what size of a skateboarder you are, you will definitely be able to locate a
size of 2017 ProTec Street Skate Knee Pads that works for your own specific needs.
These pads are designed to be all black, giving them a sleek and understated look
that doesn’t stand out too much from all your other gear.

Featuring high-grade and extra durable fabric, combined with an EVA Cup Foam and
Full Coverage Caps, the 2017 ProTec Street Skate Knee Pads definitely get the job
done right. Rated highly by skateboarders and consumers who have also used these
pads, the 2017 ProTec Street Skate Knee Pads are currently retailing at only $25.00!
At a price like that, you cannot go wrong by investing in a set of 2017 ProTec Street
Skate Knee Pads.

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