Sadowski-Synnott and Hasegawa stomp stunners in Edmonton

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The men’s competition was a wild and unpredictable one, with eight of the 10 finalists able to stomp at least one run scoring in the 80s, and the four top finishers all sending at least one score into the 90s as well.

After failing to land a switch backside 1440 on his first run, China’s Su Yiming stepped it up in run two with a switch backside 1620 melon to freshfish, which he then followed up in run three with a backside 1800 indy nosebone that would tie for being the highest scoring trick of the men’s competition – 94.25 points. With a total of 177.25 with just a few riders left to drop, Su was sitting in top spot, although that lead would prove to be short-lived for the 19-year-old.

The USA’s Red Gerard, dropping in on his first World Cup big air competition in nearly a year, made a solid run at Su’s score, dropping a massive backside 1800 of his own on run three that would earn the exact same 94.25 score as Su’s. However, when added to the switch backside 1620 Weddle from his first run he would come up just short, with a combined score of 176.00.

After top qualifier Nic Laframboise of Canada was unable to stomp his final run, it came down to Japan’s Taiga Hasegawa, who resisted the frontside 1800 frontside grab he had already stomped in run two, did it better in run three, and got rewarded with a score of 92.25. Added together with the 88.75 he received from his cab 1800 Indy on run one and it would be a total score of 181.00 and a first-place finish for the reigning big air World Champion, dropping Su to second and Gerard to third.

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