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Riders Ready : What to Know for the 2024 National Series

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It’s an exciting time for BMX. Another season of the USA BMX National series charges through the country, international competition returns to the Land of the Free, and our Olympic Hopefuls prepare to represent the Home of the Brave. Whether you’re a National Circuit hotshot or beginning your journey on the stairway to success, here’s what you need to know for the 2024 USA BMX National Series.


USABMX.COM is your source for all members and track information. When planning your next race weekend, visit the Nationals page under the Events tab. This page will show all upcoming National Weekend dates, locations, and a link to register. This is your hub for all information, such as practice times, race start times, registration periods, etc.


Good rest can make a race day, and with it can save your wallet too.

Save $35 per class/cruiser entry and $25/per open entry each day.  Book your hotel through and use your reservation ID to pre-sign online by Tuesday at 5 pm AZ time, the week of the event, to receive your Stay to Save discount.

STAY TO SAVE: $45 Class / Cruiser  $35 Mixed Open / Expert Open


Don’t stress about getting to the USA BMX Trailer on time, Register for the weekend and save right from your phone. Pre-sign online at any point, including up to the closing of online registration each day, and SAVE $10 per class/cruiser/open entry.

ONLINE Registration: $70 Class / Cruiser  $50 Mixed Open / Expert Open


Surrounded by USA BMX apparel, filled with event stickers, and USA BMX staff ready to help, the USA BMX Semi Truck is your place for onsite info and registration. For each National weekend, the Blue or Red truck will be onsite and available for any questions you may have. Onsite registration is available Friday and Saturday, but be sure to check the Event’s National Schedule for registration times. There is NO day-of registration on Saturday or Sunday. 

ON-SITE Registration: $80 Class / Cruiser  $60 Mixed Open / Expert Open


The long line of paper moto sheets is a thing of the past at the national level. Use MOTOS.USABMX.COM or simply Google “USA BMX MOTOS” to find the National Motoboard. Things to look for when checking your moto:

  • Your age and proficiency are correct.

  • You are running the correct number on your Plate and Side Plate.

  • You have your correct sponsors listed.

  • How many racers are transferring in your motos (Example: 2-2 to Main)

Be “IN THE KNOW” with our Live Moto How To


For any questions throughout the weekend, there are multiple places available. The USA BMX registration trailer, finish line staff, or staging volunteers will be happy to assist you.

The Head USA BMX Official will be at the finish line for all protests. They will be able to assist in photo finishes, on-track protests, and any general questions for the race. All protests must be made within 10 motos of the race in question.


Local or factory, your team takes a lot of pride in its colors on the track. New for 2024, Team racing at USA BMX national events consists of three team categories – Track vs Track, Bike Shop, and Factory.  All Team Sheets must be submitted before the closing of registration. 

  • Track vs Track: Designate your home track with your membership purchase and go racing; no roster or team sheet is required. The USA BMX track department will take scores from each National Weekend and will announce the winners each morning and post the results to the Track vs Track page on the USABMX.COM website for the year-to-date standings.

  • Bike Shop & Factory Teams: Team racing is about the camaraderie of playing a part in a group effort.  Each rider competes for their own best effort and the best four finishes on a team sheet for the days standing against other teams’ finishes. BMX Team racing can be strategy, and it can be luck! Team Points are the overall standings in the Bike Shop &  Factory team categories after each national weekend.  Team scores are verified in the office after the race and published online. The team racing season runs through the Grands, where all teams compete for a year-end award and bragging rights of being the best!   


Get stocked up on your favorite BMX apparel with USA BMX Racewear. A one-stop shop for all event-specific apparel, USA BMX swag, and some extra goodies the team at TB Products brings to the races.

Team USA is defending the home turf for the 2024 World Championships, and USA BMX Racewear will be ready to supply your Team USA pride.


Send it without a worry, thanks to USA BMX’s Annual Spot Injury coverage. All US-based members of USA BMX have access to the $125-a-year Spot Insurance plan that covers all sanctioned USA BMX events, practices, and more! Learn more about the USA BMX Annual Coverage Here


Following every National Main Event, riders will be given a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or MEQ ticket, These can be used for one of two options: The award of the day located next to the USA BMX Racewear set up or Saver Stamps located at the USABMX Registration trailer. 

The Saver Stamp Program has proven successful over the years as riders now have an alternative that can help subsidize their racing efforts. Saver Stamps can be redeemed at participating Xchange centers, such as a local bike shop, USA BMX Racewear, or through vendors at USA BMX national events.  Each stamp has a cash value of $.75, and a completed card of 20 stamps has a cash value of $15.

No matter if you’re racing at your backyard National or traveling the country, the 2024 USA BMX National Series is ready to experience your speed. See you at the track.


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