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Prize Winners from Glendale – Vital MX Fantasy

by Chandler
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Solid week…I scored seventh this week (no, I’m not eligible for prizes, but you all are!). Glendale’s winning team was a ridiculous 15-man roster, belonging to FTE_Moto and locking in 160 points. This means the winning team averaged $6,250 spent per point.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 8.54.27 AM.png?VersionId=dddZwe1dItAwa9Uts78Rvp

This week’s featured partner is FXR, which has put up a Clutch MX jersey for grabs every single week for first place and a set of Helium gear with sublimation for 8th overall in each individual series (Supercross, Pro Motocross, and SuperMotocross). FXR is worn by the ClubMX, Benny Bloss, Broc Tickle, and more. To learn more about the FXR, head here:


To learn more about what’s up for grabs, click here.

We have a weekend off coming up! Rest up and be ready for Arlington.

Here are the prize winners from week six

1st place: FXR jersey – FTE_Moto

2nd place: DeCal Works backgrounds – TheWeapon

3rd place: 100% Accuri goggles – thompsonbird

4th place: Guts Racing seat cover – VicheckRacin101

5th place: $50 Yoshimura Gift Card – biancaceleste9

6th place: Troy Lee Designs hoodie and hat – BRH16

7th place: DT1 air filter – Craig93 (ML512 skipped for 7th)

8th place: Mika Metals grips – kylecohrs

9th place: Eagle Grit hand wipes – Berner154

10th place: FMF moto sock and hat combo – TriRacer27

11th place: Maxima SC-1: TLmx20

12th place: Arai hat – CF.403

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