Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Paul Thoelen 2023

by Chandler
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Paul Thoelen coming through with a fresh heater!

Over the years we’ve learned Paul Thoelen is definitely a guy that delivers whenever his name pops up on a new video. Here’s a fresh 7 minute banger filled with dialed riding from parks to street spots, and even a little dirt action as well. Paul brings a good mix of tricks, along with plenty of style and boost! Hit play and check out what he cooked up!

When a rider gets the stamp of approval from the Fast and Loose crew, you know you’re in the presence of a transition great. Germany’s Paul Thoelen is just that. We always enjoy seeing new footage from Paul, but this fresh 6 and a half minute visual feast with Felix Prangenberg behind the lens really hits the spot. Soundtrack on point also.” – DIG

As soon as Paul moved to Cologne it was clear to us that we needed to film a video part together. It didn’t work out as quick as we would have liked due to both of us traveling a lot but every time we were home at the same time we tried to go out on a filming mission. Being more used to filming and riding street it was such a breath of fresh air seeing Paul boost some quarter pipes or just shred anything else you put in front of him with ease. I feel like over the past 4 years or so he fully grew into his own style of riding and he blows my mind every time I see him ride. Thanks for trusting me with this project Paul!

Also thanks to Vans, kunstform BMX Shop and TSG for supporting us with this project.” – Felix Prangenberg

Video by Felix Prangenberg

Additional Filming: Anton Arens, Angelo Kurtz

Songs: Magnitude – Resurgance
Gouge Away- Consider
Have Heart – Reflections

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