Out of the Blue | Alivia Poirier | Brought to You by Schrader’s

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Out of the Blue | Alivia Poirier | Brought to You by Schrader’s

By Jensen Amyotte

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Brought to you by Schrader’s

Name:  Alivia Poirier    

Date of Birth: Feb 12, 2014 

Hometown:  Courtice ,Ontario

Grade: Grade 4 

Race Number:  407 

Bike: Husqvarna 

Race Club: AMO,  Burnt River, OCMC 

Classes:  65B, 65 (6-9), Ladies B, Girls (9-16)

This week, we feature #407 Alivia Poirier from Courtice, Ontario. | Bob Blair photo

Who/what inspired you to get into the sport of motocross and how long have you been racing/riding? 

My dad. He always tells us that his family couldn’t afford it, so he pushed for my sister and me to do it.

When not on a dirt bike, how do you keep yourself busy? Are you involved in any other sports or extracurricular activities?  

I did have a paper route, School Sports, Skiing, Skating.

As a racer, are there any obstacles you feel a female racer has to deal with that maybe a male racer does not?

Boys lack fear. They don’t look at the jumps and see what could hurt them, where girls do.

From your first ride to where you are now what is something you never thought you would be able to overcome but have?

Hitting  jumps  & beating my sister!

Who is your all-time favourite rider and why?

AJ Beth. He goes above and beyond for me.  He’s really fast too!

What is your favourite track and why?

My favourite track is OCMC big track Tuesday nights. 

Who has been your biggest inspiration/hero on and off the track? 

Kaes Knights. He will push you and give advice to be better on the track. He’ll even check in on my sister and me if we crash.

Do you have an pre-moto rituals?      

Early bedtime and always a fist pump to the girls/guys on the line!

What are your plans for this upcoming season? Any specific events you’re looking forward to? 

My plan for this season is put in the work. I want to go to Walton this year!  

What are your biggest accomplishments to date?

‘Youth Sportsman of the Year’ with OCMC and 5th for the True North with AMO. 

What is the biggest lesson that motocross racing has taught you so far? 

Never give up. Start a race, finish the race!

Alivia is in Grade 4 and hopes to race the Canadian Triple Crown WMX Nationals some day. | Mick Media photo

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Hope to be still racing. Same family and friends while growing along the way.

Are there any females out there who you feel have paved the way for other girls to be successful in motocross?

Bronwynn Reid, Brook Greenlaw, Emma VanHezewijk, Lindsey Bradley

If you ever have children will you give them the option to race as well? 

Yes, without a doubt, I’d start them young!

If you could give 1 piece of advice to a female of any age who wants to start riding what would it be?

Fist pump your line. It doesn’t matter your finish, just finish.

What was your first fear when you started riding and how did you overcome it? 

Falling. I overcame it by falling and my dad making me get back on the bike so I wouldn’t be scared.  

What was your first race number and how did you choose it?

407. I started racing at the age of 4 and 07 is all luck on my mom’s side. 

Do you see yourself ever competing in the Canadian WMX Triple Crown series? 

Always, but hoping dad will still be paying for racing though.

What are your thoughts on the Canadian WMX Triple Crown series?

It’s amazing! 

What do you like to do in the off season? 

Ski, skate, and hanging out with friends and family.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A teacher.

Who would you like to thank? 

Jack Wright of Wright MX Training, Dad, Mom, Autumn Purdy, Brook Greenlaw, FXR, AMSOIL Racing and my Family and Friends who help me on and off the track!

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