Nuts and Bolts | Ft. Christian Kauffman and Justin Hopson

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In this installment of Nuts and Bolts we have Justin ‘JHop’ Hopson (Jordon Smith) and Christian Kauffman (Nate Thrasher) to answer some questions about working with each other. Don’t forget to go by and say hi to these guys if you’re at an event.

Jamie Guida – Vital MX: What is your favorite and most used tool?

Christian Kauffaman: My Favorite tool is my 7mm T-handle that we have made in-house. For sure, my most used is my 8mm T-handle.

Justin ‘JHop’ Hopson: Motion Pro shorty T-handles

 Vital MX: Which of you can frame a bike the quickest?

Christian: Depends on the day, and where we are building. We’re usually really close, but I finished just ahead of him on build day after A2.

JHop: Kauffman.

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 Vital MX: What is the best part of your job?

Christian: Getting covered in cheap champagne at the podium and doing what I dreamt of since I was 13.

JHop: Meeting new people. I’ve met a lot of people and made a lot of friends.

 Vital MX: Which of you two talks the most trash?

Christian: JHop for sure. I’m not sure where he comes up with half of the funny stuff he says.

JHop: ME.  “You don’t want this smoke.”

 Vital MX: If the other guy was to go to jail, what would it be for?

Christian: Drinking a bar out of Michelob Ultra.

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JHop: Impersonation or driving. He will send it if need be.

 Vital MX: What is the others best character trait?

Christian: He’s easily one of the funniest people I’ve ever met.

JHop: His personality.  He’s always down for whatever and has positive vibes.

 Vital MX: What’s your favorite outdoor track and SX venue?

Christian: My favorite outdoor track is my home race at Southwick, for sure. My favorite SX venue is Daytona because that place is so historic and it’s cool to be on the front stretch.

JHop: I don’t have one because I hate outdoors. For SX it’s Nashville. That place is awesome.

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 Vital MX: Who has to change the most clutches on a Saturday?

Christian: I change the most clutches for sure on race day, but Nate is getting better on clutches every weekend.

JHop: Kauffman for sure. Nate dawg be frying them things.

 Vital MX: Does the other guy have a “big fish” story or often repeated story they tell?

Christian: There’s an article about JHop going undefeated in Arenacross on 80s in 2000. He likes to tell us, “Y’all don’t even know son.”

JHop: “Hisssssss Shoulderrrrrrrrrrr”.  LOL.

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 Vital MX: Describe the other guy in one word.

Christian: Hilarious.

JHop: Chill.

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