Killer Whale Head-Butts Dolphin into Stratosphere During Rare Southern California Sighting (VIDEO)

by Matt
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Over the past couple weeks, rare sightings of orca whales have been popping up in Southern California.

From the Palos Verdes Peninsula down to San Diego, the black-and-white killer whales have been seen in pods, hunting dolphins and hamming it up for cameras.

But this orca below…this one woke up and chose violence.

During a feeding frenzy off San Diego, a pod of orcas absolutely wrecked some dolphins. And in one attack, an orca punted a dolphin like a pigskin through the goal post.

For more about the sighting, and some fun facts, here’s @NetZeroExpeditions:

“Just off the coast of San Diego, we had the privilege to witness an extraordinary display of nature’s power, as an orca pod, the ocean’s apex predators, demonstrated their remarkable hunting strategy.

“This magnificent creature, with a massive weight of 6,000 kg and capable of speeds up to 56 km/h, showcased a striking example of kinetic energy in the natural world. During its hunting maneuver, the orca generated a staggering 727,087.87 Joules of energy, comparable to the force of over 450 professional boxer’s punches or a compact car moving at 60 km/h colliding with a wall — all concentrated in a single, breathtaking instant.

“Beyond the display of sheer physical strength, the orca’s hunt exemplified a blend of might and intelligence, an intricate dance of survival finely tuned over generations.

“Observing this event was not merely a glimpse into the raw predation of the natural world; it was a moment of profound gratitude for being able to witness such a majestic and rare behavior.”

Cue the guitar solo…once again, nature is metal. 


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