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Impossible Climb La Bresse | Hill Climbing Madness

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French hill climb sensation moved to Impossible Climb La Bresse for a 2-day pure madness with modified monsters prototype machines trying to make impossible, possible.

North-eastern French ski resort La Bresse hosted the 32nd Montée Impossible action with 72 riders ready for their destiny on 23-24th July.

Racing weekend started on Saturday and there were two categories of bikes to hit the hill, Prototype and Verticross. Being a stock dirt bike, Verticross category didn’t hold a chance against the massive Col de Grosse-Pierre ridge. On the other side Prototype category was on fire and we had the USA’s hill climb champion Joe Shipman in the house. Throughout the racing weekend Prototype category riders took 4 runs and Verticross 8 knockout sessions in order to be qualified to the super final.

In the end there were only 9 riders in Prototype category that made it to the top of 211m hill and the fastest of them was Joe Shipman with his mind blowing 18.05s time.

Impossible Climb La Bresse 2022 Podium

1 – Joe Shipman – 18.05s

2 – Vincent Mougenot – 19.45s

3 – Johan Pelter – 19.67s

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