How Has World Surf League Surfer John John Florence Been So Dominant in the 2016 Season?

How Has World Surf League Surfer John John Florence Been So Dominant in the 2016 Season?


Introduction to John John Florence and His Amazing 2016 WSL Season

2016 has proved to be an incredible year for men’s pro surfing icon, John John Florence. Competing in a wide range of competitive professional contests throughout the entire year, Florence has managed to take home an entire series of first place wins and high ranking finishes. His current ranking, winnings level, and league standing are all at very high points heading into 2017, and Florence is in an incredibly strong position within his career. For anyone wondering how World Surf League athlete John John Florence has been so phenomenally successful throughout the 2016 season, this analysis is designed to demonstrate the path Florence has taken this year to achieve his many triumphs.

Few men’s professional surfers are capable of demonstrating so much versatility and confidence in their surfing, and for this reason, few are able to truly challenge John John Florence’s towering leadership as his career matures through the seasons. Even in the most successful of seasons, as Florence’s 2016 run has been so far, there are always going to be hiccups and setbacks. This is to say that even though his season this year has indeed seen its share of blemishes and setbacks, on the whole it has been a really successful run yielding many wins and podium finishes. For the benefit of surfing fans and enthusiasts all over the world, we will be breaking down the incredible 2016 season of men’s professional surfing titan John John Florence right now.


John John Florence 2016 Season Stats Breakdown, and Winnings Profile:

Surfing through the 2016 with his competitive jersey number of #12, John John Florence has truly been showing other surfers how its done in terms of taking home so many victories and high ranking finishes. One of his stats that really says it all with regard to how well Florence has done in 2016 is his Championship Tour ranking at the present time. Given that John John is ranked at number one within the Championship Tour rankings, he is in the best possible position he could ever hope for moving into the 2017 season.

Being able to finish out the 2016 with a first place Championship Tour rank has proved to be a major boost to Florence’s already highly successful career, and his heat win count is another indicator of his 2016 success rate. Florence had a 2016 Championship Tour Heat Wins count of 36, which relatively speaking is an extremely high rate of victory in a tour of this competition level. Additionally, his 2016 Championship Tour Average Heat Score came out to be 14.82 points, which proved to be one of the highest overall average heat score’s in the entire World Surf League men’s division.

Another major indicator of John John’s 2016 season success, is the amazingly high amount of winnings he has been able to add to his career total this year. As we head into the close of the 2016 season, Florence is looking at a career winnings total of $1,594,900.00, which is an insanely high total for a pro surfer. John John is truly modeling what it means to be a successful, elite professional surfer, and we can only expect more great things from him as long as he stays on his current path.


Big Wins and Best Finishes of John John Florence’s 2016 Season

All throughout Florence’s 2016 season he has had a total of three first place victories and three non-first-place podium finishes, for a total of six podium finishes during his 2016 run. His first place finishes include the Oi Rio Pro in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal at Peniche Centre Region, Portugal, and the Hawaiian Pro at Alii Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. His non-first-place podium finishes include a runner-up second place finish at both the J-Bay Open in Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa, and at the Billabong Pro Tahiti at Teahupo’o, Tahiti, French Polynesia. He also had a third place podium finish at the Quiksilver Pro France competition, held at Landes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France.


John John Florence’s 1st Place Win at the 2016 Oi Rio Pro Contest:

At his first major first place victory of the 2016 World Surf League season, John John Florence ended up going head to head against Australian surfer Jack Freestone in the final round of the 2016 Oi Rio Pro competition held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While John John didn’t exactly blast Jack Freestone out of the water by any means, he was able to beat Freestone by a significant margin. By the time Wave 1 scoring was in from the judges, it was already clear that Florence was going to be dominating the finals.

John John had a Wave 1 scoring of 9.70 points overall (one of the highest individual scores of the entire competition), compared to Jack Freestone’s Wave 1 score of 7.80. Heading into Wave 2 scoring in the finals at the 2016 Oi Rio Pro, John John continued to perform extremely well, putting up another nine-club score of 9.27 points compared to Freestone’s 8.33 point score. Florence ended up taking first at the Oi Rio Pro with a final score of 18.97 points compared to Jack Freestone’s 16.13 points. The two competitors collectively generated a high average wave scoring in the finals of the 2016 Oi Rio Pro, with the average set at 8.78 points overall.


John John Florence’s 1st Place Win at the 2016 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal Contest:

Heading into his second major first place victory of the 2016 World Surf League season, John John Florence performed extremely well at the 2016 MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal event held at Peniche Centre Region, Portugal. He was able to achieve a blowout against U.S. born professional surfer, Conner Coffin in the finals. John John performed fairly well in the final round of the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, initially bringing in a Wave 1 scoring of 7.17 points in total. For his Wave 1 scoring,

Florence’s opponent Conner Coffin seemed to choke and ended up with a meager 1.33 point score after bailing from his wave shortly after he dropped into it. This mistake more or less set Conner Coffin up for failure in the finals at the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, and his fate was even more clear after John John was able to earn an astounding 9.50 point score in his Wave 2 performance review from the judges. Conner got his act back together for his Wave 2 scoring, coming in with an 8.60 point score, but unfortunately it was not nearly enough to challenge Florence’s dominant victory.

At the end of the finals, Florence ended up taking the first place victory with his final scoring total of 16.67 points, compared to Conner Coffins final score of 9.93 points in total. The average wave score for the finals at the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal competition turned out to be 6.65 points in total, which was a solid average but not even close to the final average from John John’s win at the 2016 Oi Rio Pro. Florence was able to surf dominantly yet again in Portugal, and his scoring definitely reflected that since he was able to almost reach 17.00 points total in the finals.


John John Florence’s 1st Place Win at the 2016 Hawaiian Pro:

The 2016 WSL Hawaiian Pro marked John John Florence’s third major first place victory of the 2016 season, and another one of his best performances of the entire year. The Hawaiian Pro ended up being a very tight competition, and John John was barely able to take the victory after a technical tie was broken between him and Frederico Morais for first place. John John had a lower than usual Wave 1 score in the finals at the Hawaiian Pro, only generating 6.83 points during the Wave 1 runs. 6.83 points might be a solid score for a lesser surfer, but for the expert and consummate professional John John Florence it is definitely below his average.

Moving into his Wave 2 scoring, Florence was able to get his numbers back into the typical range for his ability by bringing in an 8.83 scoring total for the second wave judges scoring. This put Florence into the position of finishing out with a grand total of 15.66, and consequently being awarded the first place victory over Frederico Morais. The average wave scoring for the finals came out to be 7.05, which is a slightly above normal value for a typical average wave scoring level. Florence was definitely more on the lucky side in taking first in this extremely close contest between himself and F. Morais, and as a result was able to up his career winnings total and his ranking at the same time.


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