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Freestyle Motocross FMX Show by Riot Riders at Motor Bike Expo 2023 Verona!

by Chandler
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You know that in recent years I’ve uploaded some content related to the 2-wheels world. I’m a big fan of motorbikes too but focusing mainly on automotive events I’ve always find myself too busy to also follow 2-wheels races during the year. Here in Italy in winter time we have two important motorcycle shows: the first one is Eicma held in Milan and the second one is Motor Bike Expo in Verona.

Both events also feature dynamic activities such as motocross races, stuntmen shows and the crazy jumps of the freestyle motocross. The latter discipline really fascinated me from a photographic point of view, freezing the riders and their tricks mid air, but I always wanted to also try and record them in the typical, raw way that I have accustomed you over the years with my videos.

I admit that it’s quite strange to watch a FMX video without a background music or any slow-mo, but you know pretty well how the other 2000+ videos on my channel are.

So here’s the three show sessions done by the Riot Riders freestyle motocross team during the first day of the 2023 Motor Bike Expo. Hope you like it!

0:00 Warm Up

1:41 Show Time!


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Camcorder: Canon Legria GX10 + Canon DM-100 Microphone

Event: Motor Bike Expo 2023

Where: Verona, Italy

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