FISE World Series 2016: UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Final

  • 04-10-2016
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• UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Final – Event Overview and Competition Locale

As one of the most high profile BMX events of the entire 2016 season, the FISE World Series: UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup was a huge favorite of fans and judges at the competition this year. One of the reasons that this competition was such a major fan favorite during the 2016 BMX season had to do with the venue and park setup being used for the contest.

The 2016 BMX Freestyle Park World Cup made its way to Denver, Colorado, and the mile high city was probably the best possible place to hold the event. The weather in Denver held out wonderfully during the first week of September 2016 while the contest was taking place, giving riders the opportunity to fully exercise their skills without worrying about inclement conditions.

The park facility designed for this World Cup competition was truly immaculate, with high traction black surfacing allowing for BMX competitors to go all-out without having to be concerned about traction issues at any time. With some concrete parks, BMX professionals can sometimes have to be extra conscious of their traction especially when transitioning over massive corner-transition park features or large spine transfers that involve angled launch and landings.

The park used in the Denver BMX Freestyle World Cup event had different features to appeal to all different types of riding styles, and this helped to create a well-rounded canvas for BMX pros competing in this event to express their best available tricks and skills. Another reason that this specific pro BMX contest is such a major fan favorite has to do with its freestyle distinction. Fans, judges, and the riders themselves tend to love freestyle events more than race oriented events because freestyle gives them the freedom to do whatever they want, and each rider gets to do things their own way.

• Competitor Performances and Final Scoring

Representative of an international extreme sports tour and showcasing outlet, the FISE World Series is an exceptional outfit to turn to for the cutting edge in many different extreme sports competitions. Anyone who attended or watched any of the BMX Freestyle Park World Cup knew that they were witnessing a world class event, based both on the caliber of the riders but also on the scope and scale of the event, the high attendance and the elite park design construction.

Serving as a clear reminder that the FISE World Series is most definitely an international extreme sports showcase, each one of the three podium finishers at the BMX Freestyle World Cup were all from different countries. While there were other subcategories of competition at this event, such as the Best Trick category, this analysis will focus on the main competitive event results. For the benefit of BMX fans everywhere, podium finalists, their respective performances, and their final scoring will now be analyzed here.

• 1st Place – Brandon Loupos – Sydney, Australia:

Making his way into 1st place at the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park Final, Brandon Loupos pulled out all the stops in Denver. The mile high city turned out to be a great competition locale for Brandon, and perhaps the high altitude air agrees with him because he performed incredibly well at this freestyle contest. Brandon’s riding style tends to focus a lot on massive vert ramp maneuvering, with a much smaller focus on street obstacles and rail grinds.

Brandon tended to utilize some of the extremely large vert ramps and launch gaps in the park to his advantage, attempting some incredibly dangerous tricks during his heats. At one point, Brandon attempted to throw a huge tail whip cork rotation, but couldn’t quite make it happen. Brandon Loupos certainly made his hometown of Sydney, Australia proud with his performance, and after this victory we should expect to see some more big things from Brandon as he attempts to keep this momentum going to finish out the season.

• 2nd Place – Daniel Dhers – Greenville, North Carolina:

Riding out of Greenville, North Carolina, Daniel Dhers was able to battle his way into the runner up 2nd place podium finish at the 2016 UCI BMX Freestyle Park World Cup Final. Daniel is an all around professional, and he tends to do really well in freestyle events like this one since he is able to showcase and maximize all of his diverse BMX skillset. While he did have a wipeout during his final run performance, he landed some insane gap tricks that pumped his scoring way up to land him into 2nd place.

Daniel was able to throw a couple huge tricks during his final round run performance, such as a triple tail whip inverted over rotation, and a huge gap front flip. Daniel is a rider who tends to love executing no-hands big-air tricks over the huge transition features in the Denver park, and he utilized this no-hands style to pump up his scoring values and take the runner up spot.

• 3rd Place – Jack Clark – Essex, United Kingdom:

If you want to find a world class BMX freestyle park professional, look no further than the United Kingdom native Jack Clark. Jack is an experienced professional, and a major favorite among not only judges and spectators, but of actual amateur and novice BMX riders as well. Jack Clark’s overall BMX riding style is another that is quite well rounded, and he can ride comfortably in a lot of different settings and competition types.

Jack Clark was able to prove to the BMX world yet again just how versatile a rider he truly is, given that he ended up utilizing a large segment of the park features. While some other competitors stayed exclusively on the vert features and sections of the park, Jack used some of the in-ground rails and other street features too. This definitely helped him in terms of earning his 3rd place podium finish, since it diversified his run breakdown and his overall scoring profile. Jack is certainly a seasoned pro, and we can expect to see some more impressive performances from him before season’s end.

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