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Many of the “first generation” of inventors, engineers and designers who created the sport of snowmobiling have been leaving this earth in recent years. It’s not surprising, considering that snowmobiling really took root in the 1960s and ’70s – age eventually catches up to everybody. But it’s heartbreaking, nonetheless.

Fortunately, the torch has been passed to a new generation of engineers and designers who keep the technology in the machines moving forward.

The situation is eerily similar on the grassroots side of our beloved sport. Many of the most active, dedicated people in snowmobile clubs and associations have more than their fair share of laps around the sun. In a recent discussion with a club member about a snowmobile bridge re-decking project, we were told the youngest person working on the task was 72 – the youngest person.

The burning questions are these: Where is the next generation of club members and volunteers? Who will make sure our network of trails and riding areas continues to be managed? Who will handle signage, trail maintenance and grooming efforts? Who will be involved in ensuring funding, engaging landowners or doing community outreach? Who will orchestrate awesome club rides?

Perhaps it’s time to set down the magazine for a second and take a look in the mirror.

We know it can sometimes be intimidating to enter a meeting where everyone seemingly knows everybody else, and nobody knows you. But virtually every club is seeking new members of all ages, and even more need active members who can help take the helm of various tasks. Some projects are physical, others are more mental and a few are more social.

For some of us, the physical work can actually be quite fun. Spending an autumn Saturday as a part of a team that puts in trail signs, cuts away overgrown limbs or otherwise preps the trail surface can be quite rewarding. There’s a certain camaraderie that is formed, and truth in the phrase “Many hands make light work.” Many clubs also need people with mechanical capabilities who can help build a bridge over a creek or maintain grooming equipment.

Clubs also have administrative tasks that need to be handled. Whether it’s updating the club roster, reaching out to local businesses for support, working with governmental bodies or overseeing grant applications to help fund a new groomer, idle evening hours can be spent contributing to the cause of snowmobiling rather than watching another episode of American Idol or Yellowstone.

There are also leadership roles within clubs. They need board members and officers – folks who manage the budget, interact with the state association and guide the club’s overall direction. They also need leaders to be a trail boss/trail captain for sections of trail, plan and execute youth safety training classes, establish grooming schedules and handle potential landowner disputes as they occur.

If you’re more inclined toward social engagement, there are plenty of opportunities for you as well. You could help plan the landowners’ thank you dinner or the club’s appearance in the local town festival’s parade. You could assist in the execution of the trailside hot dog feed, or in organizing the annual club ride. If communications is your specialty, many clubs would greatly appreciate having  someone to manage or contribute to their social media, web site or newsletter.

It doesn’t matter if you have two hours to share or 20, or if you prefer to lead or follow. There’s a role for you in grassroots snowmobiling.

The clubs listed on the next two pages are specifically reaching out to you, seeking your membership and support, through advertising support of this program. But if you reside elsewhere in North America, those sponsoring organizations would also be very happy if you joined a club in areas where you ride. Joining is the first important step, but becoming an active member is the ultimate way to support the sport we all love.

S&W Adventure Riders
Golden, CO

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association
Brooklyn Park, MN

Belle Plaine Borough Riders
Belle Plaine, MN
Belle Plaine Borough Riders Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Clearwater Trail Blazers 
Leonard, MN
Clearwater Trail Blazers on Facebook

Crow Wing County Snowmobile Trails Association   
Brainerd, MN
Crow Wing County Snowmobile Trails Association on Facebook

Faribo Sno-Go Club Inc.  
Faribault, MN
Faribo Sno-Go Club on Facebook

Fertile-Beltrami Sandhill Snowcruisers
Fertile, MN
Sandhill Snowcruisers on Facebook

Foxtailers Snowmobile Club   
St. Michael, MN

Hamel Sno Runners     
Hamel, MN
Hamel Sno-Runners on Facebook

Maple Plain Snomads  
Maple Plain, MN

North Country Snowmobile Club
Bemidji, MN

North West Trails Association
Hennepin County, MN

Prior Lake Snowmobile Association
Prior Lake, MN

Rice Creek Trail Association   
Circle Pines, MN
Rice Creek Snowmobile Trail Association on Facebook

River Valley Trailblazers Inc.
Shakopee, MN

Rockford Ridge Riders     
Rockford, MN
Rockford Ridge Riders on Facebook

Savage Sno-Pacers  
Savage, MN

Snow Thrashers of Dalton
Dalton, MN
Dalton Snow Thrashers on Facebook

South Tonka Sno-Mobilers   
Shorewood, MN

United Lakes & Trail Riders Assn (ULTRA)  
Detroit Lakes, MN   

South Dakota

South Dakota Snowmobile Association
Gary, SD

Aberdeen Driftbusters
Aberdeen, SD

Black Hills Snowmobile Club      
Rapid City, SD
Black Hills Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Dakota Drifters Snowmobile Club 
Brookings, SD
Dakota Drifters Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Dakota Trailblazers      
Clear Lake, SD
Dakota Trail Blazers on Facebook

James Valley Drift Skippers 
Mitchell, SD
James Valley Drift Skippers Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Poinsett Pounders
Lake Poinsett, SD
Poinsett Pounders Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Siouxland SnoTrackers Snowmobile Club
Sioux Falls, SD

Town & Country Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club  
Willow Lake, SD
Town & Country Snowdrifters on Facebook

Whetstone Valley Snowmobile Association   
Milbank, SD 


AWSC-Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs      
Statewide, WI

Amery Snowmobile Club
Amery, WI

Bear Point Sno-Cruisers
Wausaukee, WI

Berlin River Riders Inc.
Berlin, WI
Berlin River Riders Snowmobile Club on Facebook

Burnett County Snow Trails Association 
Danbury, WI
Burnett County Snow Trails Association on Facebook

Conover Sno-Buddies  
Conover, WI 

Cozy Corner Trails, Inc. 
Danbury, WI
Cozy Corner Trails Inc. on Facebook

Cross Country Cruisers Inc. 
Arbor Vitae, WI

Fifield Sno Drovers S.C.  
Fifield, WI

Frosty Snowmobile Club Inc 
Land o’ Lakes, WI

Holyland Snowflyers   
Mt. Calvary, WI

Hudson Snowtrails Unlimited   
Hudson, WI
Hudsons Snowtrails Unlimited on Facebook

Knight Owls Snowmobile Club  
Tomahawk, WI

Lily Sno-Birds Snowmobile Club
Lily, WI
Lily Snobirds on Facebook

NKM Crooked Trails Snowmobile Club Inc.  
Dundee, WI

Northwest Relic Riders Vintage Snowmobile Club 
Hayward, WI

Northwoods Riders Snowmobile Club   
Tomahawk, WI 

Prairie Riders Snowmobile Club
Pleasant Prairie, WI

Prairie View Ryders 
Shullsburg, WI
Prairie View Ryders on Facebook

Ranger City Riders Snowmobile ATV/UTV Club Inc
Amberg, WI

Red Arrow Snowmobile-ATV Club     
Townsend, WI

Rome Sno-Bandits  
Rome, WI

Scandinavia Vikings Snowmobile Club 
Scandinavia, WI
Scandinavia Vikings Snowmobile Club on Facebook

SnowRunners LTD Snowmobile Club  
Port Washington, WI

Stateline TrailBlazers  
Juda, WI  

Sussex Sled Bugs Snowmobile Club Inc    
Sussex, WI

Vesper Snowdrifters     
Vesper, WI

West Shore Snow Pistons    
North Fond du Lac, WI
West Shore Snow Pistons on Facebook

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