Event Preview: Mt. Zion Snocross National 2023-2024 in Ironwood, MI

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About the event:

With the first snowfall already blanketing much of the North, it’s officially time to go racing. The 2024 AMSOIL Championship Snocross title chase commences at Mt. Zion Ski Hill in Ironwood, MI. This marks the series’ first visit to Ironwood since the 2011-2012 season where Tucker Hibbert and Ross Martin split the Pro Open wins that weekend.

The opening weekend docket includes the 13th annual $10,000-to-win AMSOIL Dominator; a head-to-head Pro versus Pro Lite showdown on Friday night.

The two-day snowmobile racing spectacular will be held throughout the day Friday and Saturday. The venue offers a variety activities for the entire family in addition to the action on-track, including a Pro autograph session, coloring zone, youth snowmobile rides, ice skating, snow tubing, and more.

For those fortunate enough to attend the event, we hope you enjoy the races and create lifelong memories. Tickets and event info can be found here. For those who are not able to make it, please see below for viewing information.


2023 Championship Top-5:

  • 1st: Elias Ishoel #200 (5x Champion)
  • 2nd: Emil Harr #31
  • 3rd: Kody Kamm #53
  • 4th: Hunter Patenaude #8
  • 5th: Francis Pelletier #220


Evan Daudt #413Boss Racing/True North MotorsportsSki-Doo
Ryley Bester #15Team LaValleePolaris
Jordan Lebel #511Warnert RacingSki-Doo
Marcus Ogemar #9One Three MotorsportsSki-Doo

The Defending Champion: Elias Ishoel will look to defend his 5th premier class championship. This time, with Skogquist Race Team Ski-Doo who embarks on their 2nd season as a National team. 2023 was arguably one of Ishoel’s most difficult championships to win due to a pre-season knee injury that had him on the verge of retirement. Her persevered and was able to edge out the world’s finest in an electrifying season in which we had witnessed multiple winners. Elias Ishoel is beast mode personified.

Elias broke the news about his move to SRT earlier this fall. He discussed it in-depth with Haley Shanley:Major Off-Season Changes:

  • Elias Ishoel #200 to Skogquist Race Team
  • Kody Kamm #53 to Judnick Motorsports Polaris
  • Francis Pelletier #220 to Thene Motorsports Ski-Doo
  • Oskar Norum #40 to KC Motorsports Polaris
  • Cole Cottew #21 to Thene Motorsports Ski-Doo
  • Jacob Yurk #727 to Kyllo Racing Team Arctic Cat
  • Daniel Benham #221 to Woodies Racing Arctic Cat
  • Gustav Sahlsten #81 to Elite Motorsports
  • RETIRED: Petter Narsa #27
  • RETIRED: Logan Christian #43

The King of the Triple Crown: Multi-time Pro class winner Emil Harr showed the industry what he’s really made of in the Triple Crown format. Towards the end of the 2023 season, the AMSOIL Pro class had been slated to run a one-off format, similar to what is done by Monster Energy AMA Supercross. The racing product went over well with both racers and fans which resulted in the format sticking around for the remainder of the season. No one amassed more Triple Crown race wins and overall wins than the Swedish superstar known as “Moose”. His signature craft is highlighted by his cornering abilities, ability to negotiate through traffic, and stamina in the main events.

But just how fast is Moose? A brief analysis of Triple Crown races in 2023:

Fast QualifierRace 1 fast timeRace 2 fast timeRace 3 fast time
Round 11 (Overall win: Harr)HarrIshoelHarrHarr
Round 12 (Overall win: Ishoel)HarrPetersonIshoelIshoel
Round 13 (Overall win: Harr)HarrHarrHarrHarr
Round 14 (Overall win: Harr)HarrHarrIshoelHarr
Round 15 (Overall win: Harr)KammHarrHarrHarr
Round 16 (Overall win: Ishoel)LebelIshoelKamm

Triple Crown Race Wins:


Triple Crown Overall Wins:


Hot in 2023: While a fan favorite due to his illustrious list of snowmobile racing accomplishments, perhaps not many fans had Kody Kamm as their round 1 draft pick to win last year’s AMSOIL Dominator and Round 1. He went on to collect another gold medal in Deadwood, SD to close out his 3rd best career season (wins category) dating back to his 2012 debut. Kody Kamm’s premier class success had all been earned with Hentges Racing Polaris. Over the off-season, the team had ceased operations. Kamm has found a new home at Judnick Motorsports Polaris alongside former Hentges Racing teammate, Emil Harr.

Kody Kamm 2017

Returning from Injury:

Travis Kern #201Cottew Motorsports PolarisRib, Lung
Jacob Yurk #727Kyllo Racing Team Arctic CatKnee
Oskar Norum #40KC Motorsports PolarisTibia

Injured Reserve 2024: Cole Cottew. Complications stemming from his 2023 injury from a crash in Sioux Falls. Please join us in wishing him a speedy recovery.

Well… not the post I wanted to make but I broke the hardware and fractured the bone. I was told my bone was 100% healed and I started walking more and more. The doctor said I did nothing wrong. Just a shitty thing that happened. Went into to the hospital just to talk about surgery after the season and saw my new x rays looked like this. Still can’t believe that, I was so excited for this new season. Thank you @thene_motorsports and @skidoo for sticking by me. Just finished another 5 hours surgery yesterday. Removed all hardware and put some plats in there. Pic on left was when everything was collapse and the right side is the before everything failed.

Cole Cottew’s Instagram: @colecottew

AMSOIL Dominator

We are about to witness the 13th annual $10,000-to-win AMSOIL Dominator. A bracket style race that features Pro and Pro Lite racers. A look back at the names who have cashed the big checks:

2022-2023Kody KammPolaris
2022 (Staggered start format)Jordan LebelSki-Doo
2021 (Staggered start format)Adam PetersonPolaris
2019Elias IshoelSki-Doo
2018Adam RenheimSki-Doo
2017Kody KammPolaris
2016Elias IshoelSki-Doo
2015Tim TremblaySki-Doo
2014Tim TremblaySki-Doo
2013Tim TremblaySki-Doo
2012Ross MartinPolaris
2011Ross MartinPolaris


2023 Championship Top-5:

  • 1st: Jordan Lebel #511
  • 2nd: Ryley Bester #151
  • 3rd: Marcus Ogemar #58
  • 4th: Evan Daudt #413
  • 5th: Andy Pake #44

A Changing of the Guard: Your top-4 in the 2023 championship have all solidified rides for the premier class. With a class that is perennially difficult to win in, who will rise to the occasion? Just a few names to keep your eye on:

  • Crayden Dillon: 2023 FXR Sport Class Champion. Has 1 Pro Lite win in 2 career starts.
  • Andy Pake: 2x Pro Lite race winner
  • Topi Posti: 2023 Rookie of the Year
  • Anson Scheele: New brand, new team. Made the move to Scheuring Speed Sports Ski-Doo
  • Nick Lorenz: A class verteran who is out for redemption. New brand, new team. Made the move to West Coast Customs Racing Ski-Doo. 4x Pro Lite winner.
  • Evan Christian: 1 Pro Lite win
  • Baily Forst: One of the most exciting racers to watch in 2023

The list goes on. You’re furthest ahead to see for yourself.


2023 Championship Top-5:

  • 1st: Malene Cottew #93
  • 2nd: Taven Woodie #873
  • 3rd: Inanna Hauger #331
  • 4th: Tausha Lange #214
  • 5th: Naeli Lebel #518

On the hunt: Malene Cottew. A broken tailbone couldn’t stop her in 2023. To say her 3rd Championship was a hard-fought one is an understatement. Cottew spent additional time off of her sled while caring for her husband, Cole Cottew, during his extended hospital stay following a crash in Sioux Falls. She finished out the season with a stunning 14 of 16 wins.

Consistent podium finishers: Inanna Hauger and Tausha Lange. This will mark Lange’s 2nd year with West Coast Customs Racing Ski-Doo. Inanna Hauger was recently signed by Hemmer Motorsports Polaris.

Taven Woodie will unfortunately not be lining up this season. After being on track and prepared to make a full recovery for this upcoming season, something happened that we cannot explain to where she re-tore her ACL. Woodie did have surgery on the 28th of August. She will take this year to heal 110% and be ready for the 2024-2025 season. Taven stated, “I’m super bummed to be out this year. With Dan and Trent, I feel like it would’ve been a good year to learn and grow into a better racer. I know that I could and I will learn a lot from them this season.”

Woodies Racing

Taven Woodie alongside her brother and mechanic Kaden Woodie (left) and father/team owner Paul Woodie (right). Crystal Wallem Photography

You can tune in live all weekend live on FloRacing. For a schedule of events, tickets and event information on the Mt. Zion Snocross National, click here.

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