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Round four is up on deck! After back-to-back mudders, we finally have some sunny weather and a more typical round ahead…or do we? It’s a Triple Crown round, the first of three this season.

Before we jump into that though, if you haven’t already seen it, our Fantasy game is free to play and win prizes but there’s also an option to upgrade. What does the $10 upgrade for the year get you? A couple of things. First, it allows you to create private leagues, it also allows you to look back at rider’s past results straight from the selection dashboard. On top of that, it also gives you the ability to see the live pick trends of each rider before the race starts, plus check them afterward, and you can download a CSV file that has all the results we have on file for each rider in that weekend’s race.

This week’s featured brand is Luxon MX. Luxon is giving away a set of their generation three triple clamps with four-post rubber mounted bar mounts as a series end for Supercross, Pro Motocross, and the SuperMotocross series each! Fifth place in any of the individual series will score you fresh triple clamps for your ride. Thanks to Luxon for supporting fantasy.


250 East Region Begins!

Yes, Detroit is the first round for the 250 East Region and it’s clear that users aren’t quite sure who to pick. The top picks are only floating around 30% on pick trends and there are six riders in that range. This first round might be a bit of wait and see, choose wisely. There are a few bargains deeper in the field, namely Daxton Bennick who is well priced since it is his rookie Supercross race.

Pick Trends

Once again, Jett Lawrence trends as the highest choice 450 riders at 62% (at the time of writing). Jett has scored decent points versus his price at each round and this is the cheapest he’s been this season. I doubt he’ll ever get cheaper than he is right now, as soon as he puts together some solid back-to-back rounds, he’ll hop back up into probably the top three on prices.

Riders Out!

Creating the list for the first 250 East Region round was a bit of a mystery and with that, there are some names to stay away from. Michael Mosiman, Tyson Johnson, and Enzo Lopes all didn’t line up for qualifying and as such have a medical warning icon next to their names on the manage team list. DO NOT PICK THESE RIDERS! Also, keep an eye out for further riders to receive such an icon after qualifying ends.

Winning Team from Anaheim 2

Team size has been a common theme of this feature lately and again, a large team takes the last round with 14 riders onboard and scored 160 points! If you don’t have at least ten riders on your team, it seems less likely to win. A smaller team of top riders can get you a consistent score but a bit larger team can take you to the top…but with a bit more risk involved.


The Winning team from Anaheim 2.

The best team possible was thirteen riders in A2 for 166 points, so last week’s winner was super close to the best possible score! If you’d like to see the best possible team each week, it’s one of the features in our upgraded paid option for $10 this season. To view the best possible team, head here Anaheim 2 – Best Team. You can check the best team each week in the results section, it’s located in the top information box on the far right under “Best Possible Score”


If you haven’t already, sign up for Vital MX Fantasy here:

You can also learn more about the season and weekly prizes from our awesome partners: 100%, Kawasaki, FXR, Yoshimura, Eagle Grit, FMF, GUTS, Mika Metals, DT-1, EVS, Luxon, DeCal Works, Engine Ice, Troy Lee Designs, and Arai.

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