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Detroit is open for picks. With this being the first East Coast 250 race of the season, there will be some riders probably added tomorrow but all the big names should be in there. One note is Lopes was announced as out after I pushed the list live so he already has an injured icon next to his name.

This feature’s partner brand is Arai. Arai is giving away a VX4 Pro Helmet to fourth place in the season standings at the end of each series (Supercross, Pro Motocross, and SuperMotocross), along with an Arai hat to 12th place each week. Arai’s legendary status needs no introduction. Thanks to Arai for supporting fantasy.


We made a few small updates in the past couple of weeks. Pick trends can be seen in the results and there’s an option for the best possible score in the dashboard when a round is over. It’ll show you what the best possible team was. We’re working on a few other changes to add in the coming rounds.

It’s fairly simple, you have a budget, riders cost money, and the riders score your team the same points they do in real life. Restrictions are minor, stay within budget and you have to at least pick one rider from each class. Other than that, have at it!

A couple of things, yes, the game is free but there’s a pay option. The free portion of the game makes you eligible for prizes (in all 50 states, and even internationally if you want to pay for the shipping and we can make it happen). The game is in its basic configuration then. If opt for the $10 add-on, you can create private leagues, see more data on the racers, and see live pick trends before the race starts. We’ll also keep adding to the paid option as it goes on. Paying will not change what prizes you’re eligible for etc, it’s just to gain some cool features and support us.

Also a note about private leagues, it says to add a password but if you leave that area blank, it’ll be an open league and won’t require a password to have others join.

Weekly Prizes


1st place: FXR jersey

2nd place: DeCal Works backgrounds

3rd place: 100% Accuri goggles

4th place: Guts Racing seat cover

5th place: $50 Yoshimura Gift Card

6th place: Troy Lee Designs hoodie and hat

7th place: DT1 air filter

8th place: Mika Metals grips

9th place: Eagle Grit hand wipes

10th place: FMF moto sock and hat combo

11th place: Maxima SC-1

12th place: Arai hat

Season Grand Prizes


1st place: Kawasaki Elektrode

2nd place: Troy Lee Designs helmet, jersey, pants, and gloves

3rd place: Yoshimura complete stainless exhaust system.

4th place: Arai VX4 Pro Helmet

5th place: Luxon MX Gen3 Pro clamps with 4-Post rubber bar mounts

6th place: FMF 2-stroke pipe & silencer combo or a 4-stroke Factory 4.1 Slip-on

7th place: DeCal Works full graphics kit

8th place: FXR jersey, pants, and gloves with sublimated name and number

9th place: Guts Racing complete seat

10th place: EVS Axel “Slayco” knee guards

11th place: Mika Metal handlebar and grip combo

12th place: Engine Ice – 6 kits – case of coolant, hat, and socks

13th place: 100% Armega goggles

14th place: DT-1 Air Filter kit

15th place: Eagle Grit MX Bundle

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