Sunday, October 1, 2023

Depth of Field – Nic Alegre

by Chandler
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My camera has made my world really big. Growing up on the east end of Long Island where surfing is king, becoming a professional big mountain photographer based out west seemed like a pipe dream to anyone. But I committed, and when you do that—really do it—anything in this world is possible.

I graduated Villanova in 2008 and gained some valuable perspectives living and working in Manhattan for a few years. Among many other things, it taught me what I didn’t want.

The experiences of any photographers life affects their approach, I know that mine have given me a perspective all my own and I try to bring that into any situation I am shooting. I am a constant student, and to be featured here amongst some of the greatest in the world feels like a dream that doesn’t end. Cheers to Powder, the mountains, and all of the people that make our community so vibrant.

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