Crucial BMX: Jack Dumper

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Jack Dumper (@jack_stumper) has come through with 2 minutes of heat, filmed from his local digs of Bristol to BCN and Copenhagen! 4 years in the making with help fro mall of the homies this is well worth the watch! Scroll down to hear a bit more from Jack about the video…

Filmed by Joe Tricker, Scott Summerhayes, Tom Sturmey and Rhys Walsh
Edited by Michael Suttle
Photos by Joe Tricker

How long did you work on this for and where was it filmed?
I’ve worked on this edit for around 4 years collecting clips from most of the trips I’ve went on.. this was filmed in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Hastings, Brighton, London and Bristol

Favorite clip?
My favourite clip has to be the 360 down Macba set as I’d been planning on doing it the time I was in Barcelona for a 2 week stint and one of the last days we went straight there and I pulled it first try.

Clip you worked the hardest for?
The clip I worked hardest for was probably the feeble to switch feeble 180 in Copenhagen

What have you been up to other then filming?
Other than filming I’ve just been doing usual life stuff such as working and riding when possible although I’ve been trying my best to make it too any events/comps going on and obviously partying on the weekends

What’s on the agenda for next year?
My agenda for next year is to get another edit out which I’ve already started filming for, try get to all the jams and comps next year as I had to miss the first 5/6 months of events and stuff this year due to tendon damage in my ankle and finally hopefully doing more events and meet ups with the parafreestleBMX crew as we already have two events planned next year and maybe more.

Keep up with Jack on Instagram HERE and Para Freestyle BMX HERE

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