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2017 Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour and Pro Wakesurf Tour: Competition Schedule Overview

Gearing up for the 2017 professional wakeboarding season, the 2017 Pro Wakeboard Tour competition scheduling is now available to the public! Click here today to find out about this year’s competition scheduling so you can begin to prepare for this season’s excitement!Quick NavigationPro Wakeboard Tour Stop #1 – Birmingham, Alabama – May 12 & 13:Pro […]


2017 Pro Wakeboard Tour: Athlete Rankings

As the 2017 Pro Wakeboard Tour season prepares to get off the ground, we take a close look at how the top ranked wakeboarding athletes stack up heading into this year’s competitive season! Click here today to get the rankings data and even more detailed information about the top wakeboarders in the Pro Wakeboard Tour!Quick […]


A Review of the 2017 GoPro Hero 5 Package for Wakeboarding and Surfing

If making high definition recordings of your wakeboarding and/or surfing sessions is a major goal for you, then you are definitely going to want to check out our review of the 2017 GoPro Hero 5 Package for Wakeboarding and Surfing! This GoPro package for wake and surf is set to be a total game changer, […]


Best Cutting Edge New Wakeboard Models for the Upcoming 2017 Season

Wakeboarding is definitely one of those sports where it is important to keep watch for new developments in board technology, so for that purpose we have compiled a wakeboard buyer’s guide for the upcoming 2017 season!Why Is Wakeboard Technology Constantly Updating, And Is It Worth Upgrading Your Board In 2017?Although new innovations in overall equipment […]


Best Winch Tow Systems for Wakeboarding in 2017

For those intermediate to expert wakeboarders who are thinking about investing in a high quality wakeboarding winch tow system, we have developed a great buyer’s guide for these extreme machines!Our Best Winches for 2017Why Invest In a Winch Tow System for Wakeboarding?1 – “Wake Model” Wakeboard Winch Tow System:2 – Ben Horan’s Pro Model Wakeboard […]


Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

  #1 – MasterCraft X-7 Wakeboarding Boat: One of the most tried and true wakeboarding boat work horses in the realm of wakeboarding and waterskiing is the MasterCraft X-7, and this boat is still making waves and turning heads in 2016-2017. With overview dimensions of 22 feet long, 7’7’’ width, and a nearly 400 horsepower […]

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