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Buyer’s Guide For Surfing Travel Equipment In 2017

When it comes to putting together a comprehensive set of surfing gear for the 2017 season, there is a wide array of items to consider. Of course many people will immediately gravitate to the big items, obviously the surfboard itself, wetsuits, waxes and all the more standard surfing fare. What about travel and portability equipment […]


2017 WSL Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW, Australia

With yet another awesome 2017 WSL competition held in Australia, the 2017 Telstra Stores Tweed Coast Pro at Cabarita, NSW saw big waves and heat waves too!Quick Navigation1st Place – Ty Watson – Australia:2nd Place – Cam Richards – United States:3rd Place – Timothee Bisso – St. Francois, Guadalupe:With a series of crazy heat waves […]


WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia

Following up the Carve Pro event in Maroubra, Australia, we have another major 2017 WSL men’s professional surf competition held at the Gold Coast of Australia. Click here now to get all the relevant information at final results from the 2017 WSL Flight Centre Burleigh Pro event!Quick Navigation1st Place – Oney Anwar – India:2nd Place […]


2017 WSL Maitland and Port Stephens Toyota Pro at Newcastle, NSW, Australia

The 2017 WSL Maitland and Port Stephens Toyota Pro at Newcastle, NSW, Australia was a massive success for virtually all the athletes and contest administrators alike. Click here today for all the important details and final results from this major surfing competition in Newcastle!Quick Navigation1st Place – Yago Dora – Brazil:2nd Place – Jesse Mendes […]


World Surf League NIB Pro Junior at Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Held at Newcastle, NSW, Australia, the 2017 World Surf League NIB Pro Junior was a really great showcase for junior professional surfing talent. Click here today to get all the final results and critical details from this world-class junior surfing competition!Quick NavigationIntroduction1st Place – Liam O’Brien – Australia:2nd Place – Rio Waida – India:IntroductionAs we […]


2017 SEAT Pro Netanya: WSL Pro Men’s Surf Contest in Netanya, Israel

The 2017 World Surf League season is beginning to pick up pace, and the SEAT Pro Netanya competition in Israel is a great example of that! Click here now for all the details, analysis, and final results from this unique WSL men’s surf contest!Quick NavigationIntroduction1st Place – Peterson Crisanto – Brazil:2nd Place – Jorgann Couzinet […]


Surfing Without Waves: How Motorized Surfboards Are Changing The Surfing Landscape

While it might not be for everyone, the rise of more sophisticated and streamlined motorized surfboards is definitely changing the landscape of surfing, making the use of a breaking wave optional. Click here now to find out more about this amazing new innovation in surfing!Quick NavigationMotorized Surfboards Like JetSurf Are Changing The Game For Some […]


2017 Carve Pro WSL Men’s Surf Contest at Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Held in the iconic surf location at Maroubra, NSW, Australia, the 2017 World Surf League Carve Pro marked one of the most exciting competitions so far in the 2017 season! Click here now for all the important details and final results of this intense pro surf competition in Australia!Quick NavigationIntroduction1st Place – Cam Richards – […]


What Are All of the Surfboard Variations and Their Respective Purposes?

Surfing is a sport that involves a wide variety of different surfboards that are each designed to help riders optimize their surfing for various schools of thought and philosophies related to surfing strategies. Click here today to learn about all of the surfboard types out there and what they’re designed for!Quick NavigationIntroductionLongboard Surfboard:Shortboard Surfboard:Fish Style […]


Check Out The Ultimate Surfing Gear Guide for 2017

Quick NavigationWhy is it Important to Review Surfing Gear Options Before Buying?What Are The Best 2017 Short Surfboards For Technical Surfing?1 – 2017 Clay Marzo Mad Cat Shortboard:2 – 2017 Burnside Shortboard by Adam Fletcher and Superbrand:What Are The Best 2017 Longboard Surfboards For A More Laid Back Ride?1 – 2017 Takayama In The Pink […]

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