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Check Out the FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Kreischberg, Austria

As many snowboarders and skiers likely already know, Austria is one of the premier alpine locations on the planet for high level snowboarding. This is where the FIS chose to hold a major men’s Slopestyle contest in 2017 and the results were amazing! Click here now for all the details!Quick NavigationIntroduction1st Place – Mons Roysland […]


See the results of FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Halfpipe at Mammoth Mountain

For the second men’s 2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup event at Mammoth Mountain Resort, the halfpipe event was a really exciting contest that saw awesome blue bird sky conditions! Click here now to get all the final round details from this wild halfpipe competition at Mammoth Mountain!Quick NavigationIntroduction1st Place – Shaun White – United States:2nd […]


2017 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Slopestyle at Mammoth Mountain

As California has been getting an amazing winter with tons of snowfall in the Sierras, the FIS heads over to Mammoth Mountain Resort for a major Men’s Slopestyle competition! Click here today to get the final results and details from this professional snowboarding competition!Quick NavigationIntroduction1st Place – Redmond Gerard – United States:2nd Place – Kyle […]


2016 FIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Halfpipe at Copper Mountain, CO

The 2016 FIS Snowboard World Cup has already brought snowboarding fans around the world so many great moments, and the Men’s Halfpipe competition at Copper Mountain, CO is no exception to that trend! Click here today to get the results of this awesome halfpipe snowboarding contest!Quick NavigationIntroduction1st Place – Patrick Burgener – Switzerland:2nd Place – […]


2016 AFP Nor Freeski Cup Finals: Hovden Skisenter

Held at Hovden Skisenter in Norway, the 2016 Association of Freeskiing Professionals Nor Freeski Cup Finals turned out to be an awesome freeskiing competition that included riders from all around the world. Click here now for the final results of this great event!Quick Navigation1st Place – Men’s Big Air Freeski – Petter Ulsletten:2nd Place – […]


2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Halfpipe at Copper Mountain, CO

Bringing some serious skill and style to the halfpipe at Copper Mountain, Colorado, the professional freeskiers with the FIS put on a wild show at the Men’s Halfpipe competition!Quick Navigation1st Place – Kevin Rolland – France:2nd Place – Benoit Valentin – France:3rd Place – Aaron Blunck – United States:4th Place – Byron Wells – New […]


12 of the Most Impressive Advanced Aerial Freeskiing Tricks

For all you serious freeskiers out there, you are definitely going to want to check out this impressive aerial freeskiing trick directory!Sell All the Tricks#1 – Caballerial:#2 – Back Flip:#3 – Front Flip:#4 – Flair:#5 – Rodeo (Rodeo Flip):#6 – Basic Corkscrew or “Cork:”#7 – Double Corkscrew or “Double Cork:”#8 – Lincoln Loop:#9 – Misty […]


2016 FIS Snowboard World Cup: Copper Mountain Men’s Big Air

On December 17th, 2016, the FIS Snowboard World Cup took to Copper Mountain in Colorado for the Men’s Big Air competition.Big Air ResultsFIS Snowboard World Cup Men’s Big Air1st Place – Max Parrot – Canada:2nd Place – Sebastien Toutant – Canada:3rd Place – Ryan Stassel – United States:4th Place – Max Eberhardt – Canada:FIS Snowboard […]


2016 Snowboard World Cup Women’s Big Air: Alpensia, South Korea

These ladies can seriously rip! Click here today to find out everything you need to know about the exciting conclusion of the 2016 Snowboard World Cup Ladies’ Big Air competition at Alpensia Resort in South Korea!Final Results1st Place – Anna Gasser – Austria:2nd Place – Julia Marino – United States:3rd Place – Katie Ormerod – […]


2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup: Men’s Ski Cross Finals at Montafon

Montafon in Austria is one of the most popular freestyle skiing destination in Europe, and it was the location of the 2016 Freestyle Skiing World Cup Men’s Ski Cross competition!IntroductionLocated in an extensive valley region in Austria, Montafon is essentially a complex of several villages and towns, totaling at least ten at the last count. […]

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