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Best Skateboarding Equipment Items for the 2017 Skate Season

Skateboarding is definitely one of those extreme sports where decks, wheels, trucks, and more components tend to need frequent replacement for people who skate a lot. For that reason, watching for new skateboarding tech updates is critical. Click here today for free access to this 2017 skateboarding equipment buyer’s guide!Quick NavigationWhy Is Skateboarding An Extreme […]


A Review of the 2017 GoPro Hero 5 Package for Wakeboarding and Surfing

If making high definition recordings of your wakeboarding and/or surfing sessions is a major goal for you, then you are definitely going to want to check out our review of the 2017 GoPro Hero 5 Package for Wakeboarding and Surfing! This GoPro package for wake and surf is set to be a total game changer, […]


Best Snowboard Bindings Buyer’s Guide for 2017

With snowboard binding technology seeing consistent improvements and innovations over the last several years, we take a look at some of the most outstanding snowboard bindings for the 2017 season.Our Snowboard Binding Buyers GuideWhat Kind of Snowboard Binding Innovations and Improvements Are Coming Along in 2017?What Are The Pros and Cons of Flow Style Snowboard […]


Check Out The Ultimate Surfing Gear Guide for 2017

Quick NavigationWhy is it Important to Review Surfing Gear Options Before Buying?What Are The Best 2017 Short Surfboards For Technical Surfing?1 – 2017 Clay Marzo Mad Cat Shortboard:2 – 2017 Burnside Shortboard by Adam Fletcher and Superbrand:What Are The Best 2017 Longboard Surfboards For A More Laid Back Ride?1 – 2017 Takayama In The Pink […]


Top 7 Best Wakeboarding Boats for the 2017 Season

  #1 – MasterCraft X-7 Wakeboarding Boat: One of the most tried and true wakeboarding boat work horses in the realm of wakeboarding and waterskiing is the MasterCraft X-7, and this boat is still making waves and turning heads in 2016-2017. With overview dimensions of 22 feet long, 7’7’’ width, and a nearly 400 horsepower […]


What are the Best Powder Snowboards for 2017?

Within the sport of snowboarding, there has been nearly constant innovation and development in terms of what is possible with regard to optimizing the ride quality across many terrain types. As many intermediate to advanced level snowboarders already know, one of the most widely popular and satisfying terrain types to ride on is fresh, dry, […]


6 of the Best Park and Pipe Snowboards for the 2017 Season

  #1 – 2017 Flow Merc Park Snowboard: Available in both Black and White variations, the 2017 Flow Merc park snowboard is a solid option for those snowboarders who absolutely cannot get enough of the park and halfpipe riding formats. The Flow Merc board is such a versatile option, largely due to the fact that […]


Best All-Around Skateboard Wheels for Both Street and Park

Introduction to All-Around Park and Street Skateboard Wheels When it comes to selecting the optimal skateboarding wheel for whichever type of skating an individual is interested in, it soon becomes clear that there are many different types to choose from. While it may at first seem that virtually any type of wheel design will work […]


What Are the Best Resorts for Snowboarding and Freeskiing in 2016?

Introduction As any fairly experienced snowboarder or freeskier can likely attest to, the quest for the best resorts during any given winter riding season can be a complicated one due to the sheer level of variation that can be seen across yearly conditions. There are many seasonally varying conditions that must be evaluated and taken […]


Comprehensive Snowboarding Gear Buyer’s Guide for 2017

Introduction Although most people who have even a tiny bit of snowboarding experience likely already know what the essential riding gear items are, the fact of the matter is that the technology is always changing, improving, and being updated. For this reason it can be very beneficial to continually review what the yearly updates to […]

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