Can Your Eyes Bleed from Surfing Too Long? These Dudes Found Out. (Video)

by Matt
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A lot of surfers have eye problems.

Endless hours staring into the sun, looking for waves on the horizon, coupled with excessive saltwater exposure, leads to ocular issues. Namely, pterygiums, or “surfer’s eye” – a fleshy overgrowth on the eyeball from, you guessed it, prolonged sun exposure.

And the Dark Seas crew tested the limits of their eyeballs during marathon sessions in the relentless Indonesian sun during a recent trip; watch below:

The only solution, aside from slathering up with sunscreen, and that doesn’t do much for the eyeballs, was to spend as much time as possible in the shade, aka the tube.

So, that’s what they did.

That’s what everyone does during a trip to Indo, pterygium worries or not, right?

For a little recap of the trip and edit, here’s one of the stars Schuyler Allen:

“I had a great time working on this project, from the trip, to the editing, to throwing our premiere at Shoots last week. I can’t thank the Dark Seas team enough for coming together to make it happen.

“I really feel like we are growing like a family and I’m looking forward to doing more trips with the crew this year. I would also like to give a massive thank you to all the filmers that put in time behind the lens. Cameron Vurbeff, John King, Jimmy Jazz, Joe Duerr, Makena Kolo, Arturo Loustau, Pete Frieden, Theo Preuilh, and Brenton Carasso.

“The title ‘Sight For Sore Eyes’ came from surfing until our eyes were sunburnt and bloodshot from starring into the sunset in those afternoon sessions.

“Pretty much a recipe for Pterygiums, so I hope you guys enjoy.”

Risking their own eyes for our own visual pleasure. Ironic. 


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