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BMX News 12/22/23

by Miles
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Check out this week’s episode of BMX News!

It’s Friday and this week went FLYING by. As always, there was a ton of new videos, news, products, podcasts and more to check out, and you might have missed a few things. Luckily, Brant Moore has released this week’s episode of BMX News getting you caught up on everything. As always, you can check out Brant’s recap video up top, then check out everything he talks about in full down below! Take a look!

Wheel Mill Winter Welcome Jam 2024

Huck Kurinsky – Most Interesting People 2024


Will Jackson “Muscle Memory” – WTP

[embedded content]

Justin Shorty – Gimme Some More – Animal

[embedded content]

Dan Kruk – Live, Laugh, Toaster Bath – WTP

[embedded content]

UK & France Trails – Compression BMX

[embedded content]

S&M Bikes – Goring For It

[embedded content]

Miki Fleck – Caipririnha – Primo

[embedded content]

Silent X Doomed In Portugal

[embedded content]

Kink BMX Cold Cuts Returns

[embedded content]


Will Jackson Muscle Memory Interview

22 Inch WTP Interview

5 On 5 – Cory Foust – Profile

[embedded content]

BIKESIDE / Trevor Sigloch – Cult

[embedded content]

Mike Check With Larry Edgar

[embedded content]

Antonio Smallwood Bike Check – Source

[embedded content]

Moto Bunka Film Festival & Award Ceremony

[embedded content]

Unclicked Podcast With Bob Haro

[embedded content]

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