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BMX Component Buyer’s Guide For 2017: Pegs, Headsets, And Sprockets

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Best BMX Pegs, Headsets, And Sprockets For 2017

While some extreme sports require less complicated and technical equipment items, like surfing for example where there is basically a board and a wetsuit and that’s it, BMX can be much different. In BMX, you are dealing with the much more complex machine of a bicycle, equipped with all the latest design features and mechanisms.

2017 BMX Parts Buyer’s Guide: Pegs, Headsets, And Sprockets

For this reason, it is generally much easier for beginner and even intermediate BMX athletes to overlook certain aspects of their BMX bike setup that can end up compromising their riding experience to a certain degree. In this article we are going to be taking a look at some of the 2017 BMX components that beginner and intermediate riders might be overlooking or coming up short on, and providing a buyer’s guide to help people make the best decisions for their 2017 BMX bike components.

Even if you are someone who thinks that their BMX bike setup is perfect and could not be improved upon under any circumstances, you might want to check out this buyer’s guide anyway and see if there is something that catches your attention! You might feel comfortable with your current setup, without realizing that some small upgrades can completely take your riding to another level. For the benefit of BMX enthusiasts everywhere, we will now cover some of the best BMX pegs, headsets, and sprockets for the 2017 season!

Best BMX Pegs, Headsets, And Sprockets For 2017

Are You Overlooking Potential BMX Component Upgrades That Could Revolutionize Your Riding Style?

Although things like BMX bike frames, pedals, handlebars, and grips might seem like the front running BMX components to consider for your 2017 riding season, if you are only looking at these components then you are not optimizing your BMX training! That is why we have chosen to focus one of our 2017 BMX buyer’s guides on some of the lesser emphasized BMX components. In this case, these components are going to be the pegs, headsets, and sprockets that can not only improve the aesthetics of your bike setup but also help you improve the feel and technical handling of your BMX bike.

You could always just go with the first product you see in each of these categories, but this method is not going to allow you to fully understand why you are choosing the components you have selected. It is much better to have a firm grasp of exactly why you prefer a given peg, headset, or sprocket model over the sea of other options. That is what we seek to offer in this article, a firm grasp of what your BMX pegs, headsets, and seat clamp product options are for the 2017 season and which models represent the true state of the art!

Product Name



Kink Park 2 Aluminum Peg

Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones Chromoly Peg

Cinema Lift Kit Integrated Headset

Kink Ceramic V2 Integrated Headset

Madera Helm Spline Drive Sprocket

Mutiny Obscura Guard Sprocket

Best BMX Pegs For The 2017 Riding Season

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level BMX rider, there are always going to be times when you want to experiment with some peg grinds. In order to reliably and safely train and improve your peg grinds, it helps to invest in a high quality BMX peg design that is going to keep you safe and not fail during use. Some of the cheaper and more poorly designed BMX pegs out there can actually fail during grinds, which represents a massive hazard to riders that can easily be avoided.

What can happen with a cheaper BMX peg design is that after a few grinds, the peg bolt will actually start to back out and come loose, creating a very serious safety risk and potential for mechanical failure. That’s where a high quality peg like the 2017 Kink Park 2 Aluminum Peg comes into play. This is a BMX peg that has been engineered for high quality and the utmost level of safety, and the risks associated with inferior peg designs are completely mitigated by the Kink Park 2 Aluminum Peg.

The Kink Park 2 peg utilizes a specific system for ensuring that the peg will never come loose during a grind, putting the rider at a high risk of injury. This system involves an eight position octagonal shaped washer which functions in tandem with an anti-rotational pin that is capable of preventing any play or loosening in the peg assembly. Available in a matte black finish, these pegs by Kink are highly durable and made using CNC machined aluminum. They feature a 14mm Bore and include a 3/8’’ adapter, a diameter of 1.33’’, a length of 3.94’’, and a per-peg weight of only 2.8 ounces. At under $20.00 per peg, the Kink Park 2 Aluminum Pegs are a fantastic buy for the 2017 BMX riding season!

#2 – Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones Chromoly Peg:

For an affordable and aggressive BMX peg design just in time for the 2017 riding season, check out the Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones Chromoly Pegs. These pegs are fantastic for BMX athletes who have a bit more technical riding experience under their belt, particularly because they are designed to have a smaller diameter overall. This smaller diameter and lower overall weight on these chromoly pegs is perfect for BMX riders who like to execute their peg grinds at high speed, since the smaller diameter lowers grinding resistance overall.

These pegs by Shadow Conspiracy also use an anti-rotational pin system, which will ensure that they do not rotate out and loosen up while riding. Internal butting is another design aspect behind the Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones Chromoly Peg that helps to prevent any play during riding and will also lengthen the lifespan of the pegs as well. These durable chromoly BMX pegs are drilled for a 14mm sizing, and they also include a 3/8’’ adapter.

While the Little Ones chromoly pegs by Shadow Conspiracy are definitely a bit more on the heavy side, ranging between 5.4 and 6.1 ounces depending on the length variations. Available in a wide range of attractive colors, the 2017 Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones Chromoly Pegs can provide a major aesthetic boost to your BMX bike setup. From Chrome, to Copper, Matte Black, Matte Red, and Matte White, you are sure to find an option that works well with the aesthetic themes of your BMX bike. Retailing around $15.00, the Shadow Conspiracy Little Ones Pegs are not only highly durable and practical, but affordable as well.

Best BMX Headsets For The 2017 Riding Season

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to improve the durability, the aesthetic appearance, and the smooth handling of your BMX bike setup, is through a high quality headset model. One of the most highly recommended BMX headset products available in 2017 is the Cinema Lift Kit Integrated Headset. Available in a Matte Red, Matte White, and Silver color option, this integrated headset design from Cinema is no joke. Featuring two Campy precision sealed bearing inserts, in addition to an aluminum constructed compression ring plus three aluminum headset cap pieces spanning a three, eight, and eighteen millimeter sizing option.

These varying cap pieces allow riders to dial in their stem heights perfectly, without having to be too concerned with utilizing several headset spacers. Complete with a professional looking laser etched logo for the Cinema brand, plus a rubber O-ring component for a snug fit, this is definitely one of the more premium headsets for the 2017 riding season. Retailing at around $30.00, the 2017 Cinema Lift Kit Integrated Headset is definitely worth the investment.

Without a doubt the most visually stunning and ultra premium BMX headset component options for the 2017 season, the Kink Ceramic V2 Integrated Headset design is most definitely worth checking out no matter what skill level you ride at. Featuring a matte black top headset cap, and a vibrant gold headset spacer component, it is definitely tough to beat the Kink Ceramic V2 Integrated Headset in the looks department. Likewise, it is also tough to beat it in the performance department as well.

This is due to the fact that this Campy style headset is built using titanium nitride coated bearings, in addition to an internal ceramic bearing for the smoothest feel and bike handling of virtually any headset design on the market today. Dialing in your stem height has never been easier with this amazing headset system, and performance is truly a cut above the rest with this model. You get what you pay for though, and given that the 2017 Kink Ceramic V2 Integrated Headset retails at around $100.00, this component is probably better recommended to intermediate or advanced riders although beginners can benefit from it too.

Best BMX Sprockets For The 2017 Riding Season

For optimizing not only the ride and feel of your BMX bike, but also the aesthetic qualities as well, consider the 2017 Madera Helm Spline Drive Sprocket to upgrade your setup this season. Machined using CNC processes out of 6mm thickness 7075 aluminum with an eight spoke design, the Madera Helm Spline Drive Sprocket uses offset teeth for optimal performance. This elite BMX sprocket for the 2017 riding season is constructed with a steel splined insert that is intended to fit forty-eight spline spindles, which removes the need for using a specific sprocket bolt.

It should always be noted when searching for your next BMX bike sprocket that it is ideal to match up the manufacturers when you are acquiring new sprockets and cranks. This means that if you end up choosing the 2017 Madera Helm Spline Drive Sprocket, you will want to match up with a crank from the same manufacturer to ensure optimum compatibility.

Available in a 19mm bore and a 22mm bore rating, the Madera Helm Spline Drive Sprocket has a 6mm thickness and weight of less than three ounces! To top it all off, this exceptional 2017 BMX sprocket is also available in a wide variety of different aesthetics. Including Polished, Celestial, Black, and Silver colors. Retailing at almost $70.00, this is definitely one of the most high quality BMX sprockets on the market for the 2017 season.

When you are a BMX athlete who pushes their bike setup to the absolute limits on a regular basis, you want a sprocket design that is going to be able to keep up and not break at the first sign of abuse. Although we are not covering cranks in this particular buyer’s guide, it is important to state again that matching up your cranks and sprockets from the same manufacturer is actually a really great way to ensure that these components are fully compatible.

Of course it could be possible to get a good match and high degree of compatibility after selecting sprockets and cranks from different manufacturers, but it is not wise to take the risk. The Obscura Guard Sprocket from Mutiny is one of the toughest and most durable BMX bike sprockets available for the 2017 riding season, and it can be purchased in a raw, silver appearance. The 2017 Mutiny Obscura Guard is actually the signature design model for Grant Castelluzo, and it is built using 7075 aluminum and a split five-spoke design aspect.

This BMX bike sprocket features a center boring that is purposefully keyed for the Odyssey Socket Drive system, though it is also compatible with the Spline Drive system if you use a Mutiny Pentra Spline Drive Adapter. Featuring 1/8’’ teeth and a total weight of only 4.8 ounces, this is a lightweight sprocket for how rock-solid and durable it is. Retailing at around $60.00, the 2017 Mutiny Obscura Guard Sprocket is definitely an example of premium pricing for a premium BMX component.

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